My comments on the commentary: "Civilization, Barbarism and the Burning Streets of London" « Commentary Magazine

My comments on the commentary: "Civilization, Barbarism and the Burning Streets of London" « Commentary Magazine

David Cameron said, "When we see children of 12 or 13 looting it's clear there are things that are badly wrong in our society. There is a complete lack of responsibility in some parts of our society. People are allowed to feel the world owes them something and that their actions don't have consequences."

Civilization, Barbarism and the Burning Streets of London « Commentary Magazine.

Commentary Magazine is neocon. It's militant democratic-revolutionary. It's Republican too. It's Zionist. You figure it out.

As for Cameron, he speaks as a child, a spoiled child who has never had to worry for a moment where his next meal is coming from. Therefore, the commentator and he are "civilized."

Look, I'm not for burning down London, but I'm anti-neo-feudalism. Feudalism is what laissez-faire capitalism is ushering back in, whether the followers of Ludwig von Mises say so or not. Capitalism is monopolistic, and he who gains the most capital is the state (he's bought it all — he's the top privatizer of privatizers). That's just the way it is whether Ron Paul thinks so or not. It isn't freedom. It's everyone being that richest person's slave — wage-slave perhaps but nevertheless, slave.

Cameron pushes idiotic austerity, but then he turns around and calls rioters "uncivilized." He's not civilized. It's not civilized to push austerity. It's a crime based upon huge lies told by laissez-faire capitalists. Many of the rioters know it, not that they are going about things the right way either.

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