Girl-Baby Home and Destitute's Charitable Trust founder's father "went to Jesus."

Today, I received the following email from my friend, Russal, who heads

Dear Friends,

My father was in the ICU ward around ten days, finally the treatment didn't help and he passed away on 10-08-2011 3:30 a.m., we tried our best to save his life more than we can, but God did his purpose on his life and take DADY with him, we really miss our dad, we have a hope one day we meet him in heaven.

Russal's family and friends at a memorial service for Russal's earhtly father. Russal is seated with one of his girls on his lap.

Memorial service for Russal's father

I was with my dad when he die finally he talked these words with me "You are saving little babies lives, I am so happy for that, but I am so sad because you don't have a own house, how long you can stay in rental house and keep them safe" I said, don't worry about that dad, we are praying for that, we are sure next year God will provide a house for our babies, we will keep them safe, after that he not able to speak until he close his eyes. last 3 days he really suffered, we prayed, Lord give our dad's life back, or you take him with you, we don't want to see him suffering, the next day morning he went to Jesus.

Coming 14th Sunday evening 3:30 p.m. We have a praying meeting in our home, then Monday morning 4 a.m. we are leaving to Chennai with all our babies by car, please keep praying for us and our safe travel.

Once again thank you so much for your prayers and financial supports, we love you and looking forward to hear from you.

With much love and thanks,

Russal, Kumari and Kids.


I am glad your father's last words were telling you that you are doing the right thing taking care of all those little girls, giving them a home and parents, being their father.

I'm working on trying to get people to realize that money shouldn't be an obstacle — that there is another way. If they listen and change, everyone's financial problems will disappear.

As you know, lending at interest is anti-Christ. The early Christians were completely against interest. Down through history, little by little, greedy people worked on the people's minds and got them to forget the early teachings. We need to bring the proper teachings back.

Peace to your whole family, Russal.

May God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (who are One with you) watch over all of you.


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