FBI wants businesses watching for customers paying with cash

He pointed out to WND the irony that the government, through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, specifically advises citizens to collect "ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits and vegetables" as well as "flashlight and extra batteries" and "matches in a waterproof container." FBI wants businesses watching for customers paying with cash Then the FBI asks store managers to report the "suspicious" activity of buying the same items."It's almost like entrapment," McNealy said.

via FBI wants businesses watching for customers paying with cash.

He has a point. When I was reading the article, it was exactly what I was thinking about.

I think the FBI is doing a bad job of wording they're materials. They need to have counterbalancing language. They need to rule out ordinary people doing exactly what McNealy there is talking about: following governmental and other advice and buying things to be ready for an emergency.

Every year before the Winter months, I get information in the mail from the government telling me to be sure to have certain things on hand in case of a power outage that might last days. They include exactly what McNealy mentioned.

Also, with this current downturn in the economy, many people can't even afford a bank account or to obtain or keep a credit card. They're literally stuck with cash.

The FBI must caution against false alarms. Law-abiding citizens should not be harassed or investigated for doing no more than buying legal, and what the government says are sensible, things to have on hand or for going camping, etc.

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