NATO's War Aims include Gay [Homosexual] Rights! - YouTube, 108Morris108

This is excellent food for thought for the whole world by Morris. He has posed questions that must be put front and center.

There are even homosexuals who have been rather open about the fascistic streak within this whole push for homosexuality.

Read this: Johann Hari: "The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists."

Now, if Morris can inform people why religious Jews (some of them) are doing this....

It weakens their enemies who happen to be everyone not one of those religious Jews bent upon world domination.

I'm spreading this. What I've done might give you ideas: My YouTube comment is in my Twitter feed, which will end up on my blog. I also liked and favorited the video on YouTube. Both of those actions trigger Twitter too. The favorite will auto play on my channel, which gets a few hits even though I don't have any of my own work uploaded.

I've also embedded the video here as a blog post. That will make some of my fair-weather friends/acquaintances run away, but I'd rather be right than popular. I had one call me names before blocking me.

I'm going to watch the video again, this time reading rather than just listening to Morris (that's his nickname).

You might go to Morris's channel and subscribe there and leave encouraging comments on those videos with which you agree even if only partially.

Morris is being earnest. He's not being a phony in his videos. He is really saying what he really believes. I agree with a great deal of it.

Some people will fall away from hearing out Morris because he mentions Islam but not casting it in a negative light. I will hear him out even though I disagree with Islam as the solution.

I hope Morris doesn't profess Islam unless he's positive he'll never want the freedom to change his mind. He knows why I say that. He's heard the sharia-promoters on that firsthand. I'd hate to see them cut off Morris head or do whatever other punishment they'd mete out on him.

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