Stinking "Hindutva and the Dalit Question," by Bhanwar Meghvanshi

Of late, the RSS has been making a tremendous hue-and-cry about what it calls the 'social assimilation' (samarasta) of the various castes. The curious fact, however, is that it has no intention whatsoever of promoting the genuine 'assimilation' of, leave alone equality between, the various castes. A clear indication of its attitude to the caste question is that from the very beginning it has been strongly opposed to reservations or any other form of protective discrimination for Dalits, Adviasis, OBCs and religious minorities.

via Hindutva And The Dalit Question By Bhanwar Meghvanshi.

The idea of reservations is a off-putting considering what the non-Indian Americans have done to the American Indians (aka, Native Americans). However, the Hindutva has always struck me as stinking with the same stink with which the Zionists stink.

I can't stand the caste system. It is pure evil. The idea that people are born into a class where they must remain fixed is asinine and a fantasy promoted by the self-enriched, the takers, the crooks who dupe, or put the fear into, the masses of others who are not so selfish and greedy as those at the so-called top where the stink is strongest.

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