Libya: Daily Kos vs. Russia Today (RT) TV

Watch this video from RT (Russia Today TV) that the poster entitled: "'Before NATO intrusion, Libya was African Switzerland', NATO Crimes In Libya." Then read on below the video.

Now read the following and the quote from the Daily Kos. (Please continue on to that site to read the whole article.)

I don't ordinarily link to the Daily Kos, but I think this article is worth suggesting to people to read. Many people on the left believe that NATO, the CIA, and George Soros, etc., have been deeply involved going back years setting up the whole Arab Spring. There's some truth to that, but it definitely doesn't explain the whole of the Arab Spring. I won't go into a great deal of detail on that right now. I'm mostly linking to the article by way of suggesting that it is important to look at all sides as objectively as possible.

It is true that the UNSC Responsibility to Protect principle is being used selectively. However, one must have in mind Russia and China when one considers that fact. Neither Russia nor China openly support  Responsibility to Protect regardless of the target. China especially doesn't want any "interference" in what it has been calling its "internal affairs" for many decades now. China always emphasizes "stability" and its own Communist Party's safety over any aspirations on the part of anyone for more democratic say rather than dictatorial leadership. It is also clear that Mr. Putin steered Russia to greater centralized power in his own hands. That's not to say that the West wasn't doing a terrible job in dealing with Russia. It was. It seems clear to me though that Putin, shall we say, selfishly way overcompensated.

The causes for the uprising in Libya have been essentially the same as they have been throughout the whole region, beginning with rising food prices and growing unemployment and ending with fearless rejection of long established dictators. The people rising up in Libya have been largely working class, as they have been in Egypt and Tunisia. But there have been differences. In Tunisia and Egypt, the people were able to throw out dictators that had ruled for 20 or 30 years quickly and with relatively little bloodshed because the army refused to open fire on peaceful protesters. In Libya they did not refuse such orders. Eventually the protesters took up arms and started fighting back. The uprising became a civil war. Libya: Daily Kos vs. Russia Today (RT) TV

But that's not how ANSWER sees things. Since they missed the non-violent phase of the Libyan opposition, to them it never existed. They see the rebels as the same as contras. They are all paid agents of NATO, tools of imperialism, etc. They weren't paying attention until the UN and NATO got involved. They didn't express any public support for the uprising in Tunisia until after Ben Ali had been ousted. They didn't support the uprising in Egypt until 29 January. Compare that to the hacker group Anonymous, which started OpTunisia on 2 January and OpEgypt on 23 January. When it comes to Yemen and Bahrain, ANSWER has spoken out in support of the uprisings and against the repressive, US backed regimes. But when it comes to Libya and Syria, with their "anti-imperialist" dictators Qaddafi and Assad, it's a different story. [all apostrophes added]

via Daily Kos: No Libyans allowed at ANSWER Libya Forum.

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