WikiLeaks: In 2006, Avigdor Lieberman told US ambassador of need to transfer [ethnically cleans] Palestinians from Israel, and US says nothing

Racist, fascist Avigdor Lieberman is a high ranking Zionist Israeli, their Foreign Minister no less. Listen to his plan for the Arabs:

Wikileaks has released a cable from 2006 of a meeting between the US Ambassador to Israel—then Richard Jones— and Avigdor Lieberman, who was not yet the Foreign Minister, merely the leader of the rightwing party, Yisrael Beteinu. What is shocking about this cable is that the American ambassador is disturbed by Lieberman's frank call for ethnic cleansing and loyalty oaths for Israeli Palestinians, who are a separate "nation" from the Jews. And the ambassador says that such calls violate American values of diversity. But our government never expresses this outrage— not even when Obama comes in. We stick by Israel regardless, though we are informed directly of officials' racist plans.

via Wikileaks: In '06, Lieberman told US ambassador of need to transfer Palestinians from Israel– and US says nothing.

What has the US government said about this fascist racist? Instead of publicly telling Israel that if Avigdor Lieberman is part of Israel's government, the US will withdraw all support, the US steps up support. What's that mean about the US government? It means all the anti-Nazi propaganda was just convenient US-Empire building.

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