Facts, myths, WikiLeaks/Guardian; IDF drones kill innocent; Utterly evil flechettes

Glenn Greenwald does his usual thorough analysis. I don't often disagree with him, and I don't this time either.

Facts, myths, WikiLeaks/Guardian; IDF drones kill innocent; Utterly evil flechettes

A series of unintentional though negligent acts by multiple parties — WikiLeaks, The Guardian's investigative reporter David Leigh, and Open Leaks' Daniel Domscheit-Berg — has resulted in the publication of all 251,287 diplomatic cables, in unredacted form, leaked last year to WikiLeaks (allegedly by Bradley Manning).  Der Spiegel (in English) has the best and most comprehensive step-by-step account of how this occurred.

via Facts and myths in the WikiLeaks/Guardian saga - Glenn Greenwald - Salon.com.

Glenn's article points to: "WikiLeaks: IDF uses drones to assassinate Gaza militants - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News."

One of the incidences of civilians deaths that they two discussed was the IDF attack on a group of Hamas members who were standing next to a mosque in Gaza. 16 Palestinians were killed in that attack, most of whom were inside the mosque at the time.

That Haaretz article points to: "cable 10TELAVIV417, IDF MAG MANDELBLIT ON IDF INVESTIGATIONS INTO," which includes this horrendous statement:

flechettes in urban areas, but that it was not criminal.
After gathering almost 20 testimonies, Mandelblit said he
understood the exact situation, which involved preparations
to launch a rocket from a relatively open area almost a
kilometer away from the soldiers. The soldiers did not see
the condolence tent for the Adayan family. The choice of
weapons was limited as machine guns would not be efficient at
that distance and tank shells could have gone through houses
if they missed the group involved in the rocket launch. The
choice of tank-fired flechettes appeared to be the only
appropriate choice, but Mandelblit was referring it to
Ashkenazi along with another case on flechette use (the Azam
case, which was not in the Goldstone Report) to determine
whether flechettes were indeed the only option and whether
they were appropriate for future urban warfare given that the
only uses of flechettes in the three weeks of fighting
produced these two problematic cases with civilian
casualties. (Note: Israeli flechettes are modified versions
of the U.S.-made M494 APERS-T rounds, provided to Israel in
the 1970s, that disperse 5,000 small flechette darts over a
300m long and 94m wide area at a set distance, according to
Janes. End note.)

"5,000 small flechette darts over a 300m long and 94m wide area" Who's the demon who conjured up such darkness?

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