Maybe, Maybe Not: "Oil Still Gushing from BP Well in Gulf -- Earth Changes --"

As for the "Oil Still Gushing from BP Well in Gulf" article, the term "validates" there is an overstatement. Nothing has been validated. There's reason to investigate more though.

The source of the oil could be other than new leaking from the sea floor. That's the government's (BP's) position, even though they didn't find the supposed oil slick that was the cause for the "Oil Still Gushing from BP Well in Gulf" article in the first place. They did fly out there to the exact location to check, but they also admitted that slicks move. They weren't saying that it was never there.

I checked into it when the story first surfaced and found some of the government's replies to be logical (provided there isn't some cover-up still going on about current leaks).

I always take everything on with at least a grain of salt.'s founder, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, blocked me on Facebook when I supplied a link to this video:

(and others) in my post "Chemtrails Versus Contrails: Who's a Nutter? Answering Laura Knight-Jadczyk of" (open in a new tab/window in case you want to yet comment on this one after reading that one) in response to her FB photo montage.

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