Blathering, Vague Nazi Bearing False Witness

I saved this just in case the Nazi gets banned and his comments then disappear.

Annette Ortiz
Dennis Kucinich for President 2012
Raised poor, eldest of 7 children. At 31, became the youngest mayor elected to an American city
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Dean Smithson
Ron Paul please.
September 8 at 5:48am • Like

Annette Ortiz
Ron Paul is WAY too conservative for us.
September 8 at 5:49am • Like

Dean Smithson
What are you lot Liberals or something.
September 8 at 5:50am • Like

Annette Ortiz
Well, if this is a conservative page, I'm outta here.....
September 8 at 5:51am • Like

Dean Smithson
You are a Liberal then, Newt for you then.
September 8 at 5:52am • Like

Tom Usher
I thought you were a socialist, Dean?
September 8 at 6:01am • Like

Tom Usher
albeit of the nationalist variety
September 8 at 6:02am • Like

Annette Ortiz
I'll vote for or write in Kucinich or Sanders
September 8 at 6:03am • Like

Dean Smithson
Yes I am but racially so.
September 8 at 6:04am • Like

Tom Usher
So, you aren't a fiscal socialist?
September 8 at 6:05am • Like

Dean Smithson
No I am not Conservative or Capitalist.
September 8 at 6:07am • Like

Tom Usher
So, you are saying that you are a socialist monetarily speaking? You're for sharing the ownership of the means of production. Is that right?
September 8 at 6:09am • Like

Dean Smithson
That is preferable to large corporations, but competition is healthy privatization of energy company's and health service and schools should be kept to a minimum and be Nationalised where it is well affordable and not loss making.
September 8 at 6:13am • Like

Tom Usher
So, you're a social democrat — a market socialist — with a white-racial/nationalist bent. Is that right?
September 8 at 6:16am • Like

Annette Ortiz
In other words, A RACIST
September 8 at 6:17am • Like

Dean Smithson
No bent there just not capitalist, Liberal or Conservative, I am Nationalist Socialist.
September 8 at 6:19am • Like

Tom Usher
In other words, a Nazi.
September 8 at 6:19am • Like • 1 person

Dean Smithson
If I was a racist I would not buy from non whites, get on a bus driven by a non white or eat food they had handled.
September 8 at 6:20am • Like

Tom Usher
I think many people in this group would agree with much of your monetary/fiscal policy but not your racial/ethnic-segregationist position.
September 8 at 6:21am • Like • 1 person

Tom Usher
Well, you're referring to a more extreme version of your view.
September 8 at 6:22am • Like

Dean Smithson
They are all screwed up are mutli- Racial societies.
September 8 at 6:23am • Like

Tom Usher
The question though is whether what causes the screw-ups is racism.
September 8 at 6:24am • Like

Dean Smithson
It is the mixing of Cultures and each racial group mostly sticking to its own grouping being tribal.
September 8 at 6:26am • Like

Tom Usher
There are many multiracial sub-sets or sub-settings where there are fewer screw-ups than with "racially" purer societies in general. The good aspects of those sub-settings can be magnified and translated to general society.
September 8 at 6:27am • Like • 2 people

Annette Ortiz
Excuse me, Dean, but mixed race is the Face of America!
September 8 at 6:29am • Like

Dean Smithson
Blacks fight blacks in Africa it happened in Somalia, look at Japan they don't really have racial strife being over 90% mono-racial.
September 8 at 6:30am • Like

Dean Smithson
The sick face of the USA.
September 8 at 6:31am • Like

Annette Ortiz
There is no reasoning with ignorance or racism.
September 8 at 6:32am • Like

Tom Usher
Whites enslaved more whites than blacks in the US. Did you know that, Dean? They called it indentured servitude. Many whites never managed to pay off the debts and died of exhaustion in slavery.
September 8 at 6:33am • Like

Dean Smithson
One thing you cannot change is ur race and if you have nothing left you will always have ur racial make up.
September 8 at 6:34am • Like

Tom Usher
Are you also unaware of the classism that was and remains prevalent in Japan? The Japanese were warriors amongst themselves for centuries, Dean. How much have you studied their history?
September 8 at 6:35am • Like

Dean Smithson
Yes Carl Klang wrote a song about indentured servitude slaves.
September 8 at 6:35am • Like

Tom Usher
The Somalis weren't fighting each other until the Bush administration started back in on them via proxy.
September 8 at 6:36am • Like

Dean Smithson
It is how they are now no Race wars in Japan.
September 8 at 6:36am • Like

Tom Usher
Annette and I are members of the human race.
September 8 at 6:36am • Like

Dean Smithson
And Multi - Racialist melting pot supporters no doubt.
September 8 at 6:39am • Like

Tom Usher
I can't speak for Annette on it, but I do not consider a person's ethnicity but his or her character. I suspect she does too.
September 8 at 6:41am • Like

Dean Smithson
Yes I think she does too and coffee party not tea party for you two.
September 8 at 6:42am • Like

Tom Usher
I live in an apartment building with Mexicans, Blacks, Indians, and others. I'm just fine with it. The managers are Indians from India. They're decent, hard-working people many white people could stand to emulate to improve their own characters.
September 8 at 6:45am • Like

Tom Usher
The Tea Party would string up Nazis, Dean.
September 8 at 6:45am • Like

Dean Smithson
I know you can't knock then it is successive governments that keep letting them in and letting millions of folks who belong in Mexico, Africa and India stay in the USA.
September 8 at 6:47am • Like

Dean Smithson
September 8 at 6:47am • Like

Tom Usher
The problem has never been with people coming here. It's been with the greedy ones and how those greedy ones have mismanaged everything.
September 8 at 6:49am • Like

Tom Usher
I lived in Arizona for decades. It used to be in Mexico. The US went into an imperial war of aggression to steal that land from the Mexican Indians — tribes.
September 8 at 6:51am • Like

Dean Smithson
Far too many are there some created ghettos some created little Mexico's and little Jamaicas in the USA.
September 8 at 6:53am • Like

Tom Usher
If Mexicans, Africans, and Indians from India don't belong here, then where do I belong since I'm an Anglo-Saxon? Do I have to return to England and then Germany and even trace my roots back to who knows where? I'm for sharing, Dean.
September 8 at 6:53am • Like • 1 person

Tom Usher
Anyway, I have other things to which I must attend. I hope you will one day see the light.
September 8 at 6:54am • Like

Dean Smithson
I agree I want to see The Nationalist light really bright and saving the fabric of the UK.
September 8 at 6:57am • Like

Tom Usher
That's darkness!
September 8 at 6:59am • Like

David F. Duncan
Kucinich would make a great President. Too bad he wouldn't get enough votes to matter if he ran in 2016, let alone in 2012.
September 9 at 11:28am • Like • 2 people

Tom Usher
From a very mundane/secular perspective, he should have fallen on his sword over single-payer and started a third party himself if necessary or at least run as an independent.

He's mostly a social democrat with a fairly good grasp of monetary issues — much better than most SD's. He should have run as such, don't you think?

Is it too late? So what if he weren't to garner enough votes to win. He'd call attention to the issues.

Someone needs to start building additional parties. This Republican/Democrat thing is definitely rotten to the core.

Where's his platform? What are his planks? He has them fairly spelled out on his site. I don't agree with all of them. He's to militaristic for me for one (I'm 100% against it), but he is a far cry from Obama — vastly more intelligent and compassionate, etc.
September 9 at 8:51pm • Like • 1 person

Rick Staggenborg
Kucinitch will not run. The effort is not worth it to him because regardless of how much support he has from those who know him, the corporate media shuts him off from access to those who do not.

I was following the earlier thread of this discussion with great interest. The mind of the racist has always fascinated me. These are the people who have bought into the scientifically discredited notion that "race" is an objective way to distinguish people and that the fictional concept somehow allows one to make predictions about their attitudes and behavior just by the color of their skin or if you want to ppretend you are not racist, by their national/cultural origin.

The idea that racially pure societies are safer, happier etc is nonsense.Only someone is willingly ignorant of the truth would accept such rot. Even if everyone started with a common belief system, greed would always lead to hatred, injustice, murder and war. Just as it is in the nature of Man to lust for wealth and power, it is in the nature of all men and women to want to be free.

That this dynamic tension would lead to a final showdown between those who believe that they have acquired the power to control the world by force and those who will resist is so obvious that our present state of apparently endless war was predicted well over two thousand years ago.The one thing about "race" Dean says that actually makes sense is that identifying with it or any other subgroup of humanity over humanity itself leads to death and destruction.

Dean promotes this death and destruction by his racist nonsense. Those with the power to enslave us all in a fascist New World Order can only succeed if this drivel is taken seriously by other self-deluded individuals who are angry and strike out at their fellows rather than the true enemy: The international corporate terrorists who control the Anglo-American government (as their interests now completely coincide) and their allies.

The truth is that in reality there is only one humanity. We may separate ourselves in our minds but that does not change the reality: Take Back America For The People: CHAPTER FIFTY TWO. WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN?
Our mission: Educating the US public on the costs of allowing corporations to control their government. Our focus is on amending the US Constitution to abolish corporate personhood. Ending fascism in America will lead to permanent world peace. The US can and must become a partner in achieving worldw...

September 11 at 8:21am • Like • 2 people

Annette Ortiz
We've recently heard something different from someone in his circle.
September 11 at 8:26am • Like

Rick Staggenborg
Please share! That is news to me. I had been wondering why I hadn't heard anything about his search for a new House District from which to run.
September 11 at 8:27am • Like • 2 people

Annette Ortiz
Let me find it and I'll post :)
September 11 at 8:28am • Like

Tom Usher
I did notice that Dennis has become more passionate in his delivery, not that he should playact. I think he's just been allowing himself more license to emote, which is good. He needs to develop a more fiery-oratory style without losing sincerity.

He should run for President full time. He ought to talk with Bernie Sanders too about being a VP running mate right from the beginning.

This is not an official endorsement, per se. I'm speaking from the horse race standpoint — getting the issues front and center as much as possible.

They'd need to form a party in every state. Ralph Nader knows the hurdles and should work for their campaign rather than for office himself this time.
September 11 at 8:47am • Like

Tom Usher
I don't know enough about Bernie on the Palestinian issue though. Maybe he's too far from Dennis and Ralph on that.
September 11 at 8:48am • Like

Annette Ortiz
"Ž@Rick.....I spoke to my partner about our info and this is where we acquired it. My partner is facebook friends with someone from Cleveland who is a Union member and has had personal dealings with Mr. Kucinich. This person asked Mr Kucinich about running again in 2012. Mr Kucinich said that if he can gather enough support and cash to run that he will. This is one reason we started the page, is to get donations for him. We have a link on the petition site. Sorry it's not a more solid situation, but we are encouraged. Also....I think I read that his district is being eliminated......I could have misinformation on that so please double check.
September 11 at 9:05am • Like

Mike Louden
i love the guy but he has no chance he'll be run over by the machine
September 11 at 7:21pm • Like • 1 person

Annette Ortiz
I think if he's ever had a chance, it is now. Anyone with any intelligence is fed up with all the BS.
September 11 at 7:27pm • Like

David F. Duncan
No Democrat has any chance of seizing the nomination from Obama and even less of making an independent run that does anything but help the Republican candidate and push Obama further to the Right. I wish I thought, however, that Dennis had a really good chance in 2016 but I doubt he will.
September 12 at 1:15am • Like • 2 people

Tom Usher
The anarcho-capitalists can't stay in bed with the neocons. They will see that (already should have) when Ron Paul is deliberately pushed aside, which is already clearly happening. They must split off into a separate party. The same must happen within the Democratic Party.

The Dennis-Kucinich minded must split off.

If these two splits were to happen, then the two-party, corporate-dominated stranglehold would be broken.

Sitting around wringing hands over 2012 is a waste of time, just as it was in 2008 and going back to the beginning of time.

The smart thing to do would be for the forces within both the Republican and Democratic parties who know this to agree to make the splits even though they disagree on so many other issues.

At least an anti-war capitalist faction could combine with and anti-war socialist faction over the issue of war and stand a much better chance of defeating the neocons and Zionist-Democrats.

They could work together better to break the corporatocracy/plutocracy.
September 12 at 2:35am • Like • 1 person

Annette Ortiz
"Ž@ David........I disagree. We cannot continue to vote for the same old thing and expect different results. I'm tired of voting for the lesser of 2 evils or voting against something/one. Obama is republican light and I don't really see a whole lot of difference between him and Bush. He's kept a lot of the same policies, including the patriot act. We must get rid of all dems and repubs.
September 12 at 4:01am • Like

Dean Smithson
Dennis Kucinich seems to be the Demoprats version of Ron Paul.
September 12 at 4:12am • Like • 2 people

Tom Usher
David, you wrote: " independent run that does anything but help the Republican candidate and push Obama further to the Right."

Most people believe that it takes a block on the fiscal-left to pull the center to the fiscal-left. If people such as Dennis just sit back, Obama will be able to have the fiscal-left as his base even though he has done little to nothing to earn it.

Is Perry running to the right of Romney pushing Romney to the left? Romney doesn't seem to have changed any. If anything, he's had to placate the right (Tea Party) more. Sure, maybe he has a wet finger in the air about Social Security, but that means Dennis has a stronger position vis-a-vis Obama on that same core issue.

Where are the marketing skills? That's what Dennis needs his base's help with. Saying he doesn't have a chance just hands the Tea Party double the power.
September 12 at 5:12am • Like • 2 people

Tom Usher
I just ran into this. I think it has a great deal to say to this group: Wall Street Has Two Parties, We Need One of Our Own!
We don't need to help Wall Street elect either one of their two parties. We need...
See More

September 12 at 10:37pm • Like • 2 people •

Tom Usher
With whom do you have more in common, Dean, the guy on the cover or a white multibillionaire bankster who thinks you're white trash?
Tuesday at 3:31pm • Like • 1 person

Rick Staggenborg
I would love to see Kucinich and Sanders run together. Both know that we have to pass a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood. Sanders has been unwilling despite being asked directly many times and despite the fact that the Vermont legislature passed a resolution calling for the amendment.

I think that it was a serious strategic mistake not to make the resolution call on Sanders to put his money where his mouth is and do something about the problem that he and Thom Hartmann talk about constantly. He introduced it with Kucinich (who was redistricted out) and others.

If Hartmann publicized it, he could use the fact that the corporate Puppetmasters would throw massive amounts of campaign cash at anyone who would defeat him as a way to prove the point that the amendment is needed. This is the strategy I am working on in a number of states across the US: Take Back America For The People: APPENDIX V: PLAN TO END CORPORATE PLUTOCRACY
Our mission: Educating the US public on the costs of allowing corporations to co...
See More

Tuesday at 4:25pm • Like

Tom Usher
Dean's question as to why there has to be a black person on the cover has disappeared. Anyway, that's what I was answering if my comment above seems to make no sense or seems to come out of the blue.

@Rick, this next election cycle is going to drive home just how much the corporations and their plutocrat masters control things via money buying elections.

The US Supreme Court gave the corporations/banksters the green light on corporate/money free-speech thereby stripping any media voice from everyone else without such money. It was a purely anti-democratic decision. Frankly, 1) private, unequal ownership of the means (media, etc.) and 2) democracy don't mix.

The laissez-faire capitalists know this. They routinely say the US is a republic, not a democracy. Well, it was supposed to be a democratic republic. It's turning out to be neither what with the imperial presidency in full swing.

It's a class struggle, and violent revolution looks inevitable if hearts don't change fast enough to avert it.

I won't take up that sword, but I will say that I know who will be the greater evil: the selfish, greedy, of course.

Anyway, how to get people to demand a constitutional amendment ending so-called corporate personhood means convincing them. "The Story of Citizens United v. FEC (2011)" is the best tool I've seen so far, but it needs to be condensed and to get out to more people.

It needs some sort of central place where all actions may be shared and coordinated: a central website just for passing the amendment. I believe there are some attempts at that, but they need to merge efforts and communicate with each other.

Doing that though is not anarchistic. I'm not an anarchist, per se. You say that you are. I think anarchy is an obstacle to your organizing efforts. How do you address it?

20 hours ago • Like •

Dean Smithson
Yes and my reply yesterday has also disappeared, I loath censorship.
20 hours ago • Like

Tom Usher
Well, the truth is Dean that the Facebook TOS actually disallows racist postings and commentary.

I prefer open debate, but I must admit that it can become fruitless and the racist side become trollish.

You really haven't brought anything substantive to the debate, such as it is. What facts do you have that haven't been refuted? I think you've already shot your wad, as we say over here.

If you have something completely new and that really challenges non-racists, I'm sure your posting will not be censored.

You don't have anything like that though, and I know you really know that's true. I think most of the others here can see that about you too.

Look, why don't you just out grow this evil-minded, twisted "purity" concept and start concentrating on taking souls one at a time and based on each person's character? If you do, you'll go much further and farther.
18 hours ago • Like

Dean Smithson
Evil minded, twisted that is Zionists and Islamic extremists. I like to express myself as you do Tom but unlike you I dont waffle on pal.
16 hours ago via mobile • Like

Tom Usher
"Ž"waffle on pal"? Can you back that up with facts? Show me one time where I've waffled? You can't do it, Dean.
13 hours ago • Like

Tom Usher
You hate censorship? You just bore false witness. I hate that!
13 hours ago • Like

Rick Staggenborg
Tom, I have blocked further racist posts from Dean. His posts no longer show on this page.
5 hours ago • Like

Tom Usher
Dean is a broken record who doesn't answer direct questions. He has an agenda of racism without any semblance of reason — anything where we might even "understand" the reasons for his confusion. My point is that he knows better but carries on with racism anyway.

Some people are truly simply ignorant of deceived. That doesn't apply to Dean. He's been exposed to all the countervailing points concerning every racist so-called point he has but just ignores all of that so he may continue uncorrected.

I'd hate to be in his shoes. It's bad enough being in mine.

Anyway, I've been consistent regarding Zionism and Islam. His accusation against me is unsupportable and disingenuous.
35 minutes ago • Like

Dean Smithson
A post from 5 days on this thread you waffled on wasn't in answer to me though.
32 minutes ago • Like

Dean Smithson
False witness my arse that is crap Tom.
31 minutes ago • Like

Tom Usher
"Ž"A post from 5 days on this thread you waffled on wasn't in answer to me though." Point directly to it. Quote me waffling. Stop being so vague. That means stop waffling yourself.
24 minutes ago • Like

Dean Smithson
"Ž1 the day before too do try keep it concise as I do Tom.
21 minutes ago • Like

Tom Usher
You're going to end up being banned from the group, Dean, which won't bother me in the slightest. What you are doing is as transparent as Hell. It's called trolling. You have made an accusation that I asked you to substantiate. You have not done it but rather added vagary on top of bearing false witness.

You are trying to be annoying, but it is as water off a ducks back to me, Dean. You're just blathering, as usual.
7 minutes ago •

(Note: I've tried reaching this person for years now. I now shake the dust. He's gone from my so-called Facebook friends. There was no point in continuing with him in this vein. It proved fruitless, a waste of effort. I hope this post will aid others though to see through the tricks of such racists.)


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