Truth Vindication Has Occurred, and Total Truth Vindication is Inevitable

  • Nicotine is addictive. I've already been vindicated on that one.
  • Anthropogenic Global Warming is real. I'm in a very public process of being vindicated on that one, thanks largely to the perseverance of Al Gore, who was the duly elected President of the United States by the way. (See: Scroll to minute 6:40 of the video.)
  • There has been, and there still is, a 9/11 cover-up. (See:
  • The United States doesn't need, and never has needed, to borrow any money from anyone. It has always had, and still has, the easy option of switching to United States Notes. I've written and tweeted extensively on this. You can search on United States Notes on this blog to find it.
  • Gold is a needless bubble. See the immediately preceding item. We don't need, nor should we want, gold as our medium of exchange. United States Notes are not limited but can be, and should be, pegged exactly to real productivity and as the whole people decide what they need and want that society should produce (Yes, it's democracy but can be, and should be, consensus around what's best for all, not just the takers, the selfish, the greedy, the con-artists such as the banksters). Gold mining is a huge problem (toxic, polluting). The superrich really can, and do, ultimately control mundane gold. They have the most of it. Driving up the price of gold and using it as the sole medium of exchange or to back a currency serves those who have the most of it, not the common people (most of whom can't afford to hold gold and shouldn't have to and won't need to with United States Notes).
  • Jesus's position is that homosexuality is a sin.
  • Homosexuality is a disease state. There's plenty of "science" on that already, but more and more will come out as people who are not brainwashed by the diseased themselves continue researching the area. I've blogged on the subject citing much of the evidence.
  • Anti-Zionism is not equal to anti-Jew. There are anti-Zionist Jews — lots of them.

Meet just some of the enemies of truth:

The same doubt-spreading methods haven't been used by every group spreading false propaganda though. There are countless ways to lie, but they still all come down to the same general root cause: selfishness, whether in understandable confusion or otherwise.

People are hardened from general and specific sources of abuse of all types and to all degrees. The solution is the softening of the heart.

A truly soft-hearted soul will not lie for instance by claiming that homosexuality is without negative consequences (far outweighing anything "good" claimed or more correctly "couched" by homosexuals and their misguided, unhelpful supporters).

Homosex is bad in and of itself and left unchecked in the heart, will lead to greater iniquity, pain, and suffering, including of the innocent, at least until salvation or the inevitable Second Coming.

Truth Vindication Has Occurred, and Total Truth Vindication is Inevitable.

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