Tom Usher's Statement Submitted to the US State Department Calling For the Rejection of the Dirty Tar Sand's Keystone XL Pipeline Project

At the request of some people on Facebook, I visited the following Internet page: "Tell the State Department: Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline."

The following is my "Statement Submitted to the US State Department Calling For the Rejection of the Dirty Tar Sand's 'Keystone XL Pipeline' Project," which I submitted via that page:

Rather than do anything to further the tar-sands industry, the US State Department and the President of the United States should be doing everything to promote clean, safe alternatives, such as solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, conservation, and the like.

Neither the President nor the State Department should be promoting or facilitating oil, coal, gas, or nuclear.

We need a crash program to get completely off oil, coal, gas, and nuclear.

I am 100% opposed to the Keystone XL Pipeline program. It is completely unnecessary. It doesn't add to our safety or security, including in energy independence. It appears to be designed with one thing in mind: dirty profit for mega-polluters at the direct expense of everyone and everything else.

We are facing anthropogenic global warming that if left unaddressed in a major way, will cause huge disasters that will be beyond the ability of the most sophisticated computers to accurately model and predict in time to avert catastrophic death and destruction (of selfish humanity's short-sighted making).

Who's idea was it to build a pipeline to export Canadian oil from the US gulf coast? Why hasn't the Barack Obama administration stood squarely against that plan? If we are not energy independent concerning oil, why in the world would we export it other than that a few are going to benefit at the expense of the general American citizenry?

Really, this makes the State Department, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the President look either dimwitted or corrupt or both. If you do not want to appear as such, then reject the Keystone XL Pipeline for all of the right reasons and state them openly and honestly when you announce your rejection.

I don't know what backroom deals have been made, but conscience should get the better of every public official in the US and such deals should be canceled.

As stated by others, "This pipeline [as part of the carbon-based energy sector] moves our nation in the wrong direction."

Reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Do the right thing. Stand up to the major corporations and unenlightened, selfish interests promoting tar sands, the Keystone XL pipeline, oil in general, gas (fracking, etc,), coal (mountaintop removal), and nuclear (Fukushima, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl...).

I mention those other industries and tar sands in general because your decision concerning this pipeline should not be allowed to be made in a vacuum. We need a national and global energy policy that is based solely upon clean, safe, sustainable sources and all associated enterprises (and the more public and transparent those are, the better).

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