Response to: "High Court rejects Vanunu's petition" - Israel News, Ynetnews

The Israeli High Court has rejected Mordechai Vanunu's petition to leave Israel.

Response to: "High Court rejects Vanunu's petition" - Israel News, Ynetnews

Mordechai Vanunu

Judges rule convicted spy cannot enter West Bank; say 'petitioner proved repeatedly he cannot be trusted and does not respect letter of the law'

High Court rejects Vanunus petition - Israel News, Ynetnews.

First of all, Mordechai Vanunu was not a spy in terms of common usage. He wasn't spying for any nation or group. I don't know his whole story, but from what I've been given to understand, he became alarmed about Israel's secret atomic- and nuclear-weapons program (which reportedly consists of hundreds of nuclear weapons that have never been inspected by anyone not an Israeli) when he was working at Israel's nuclear reactor. He turned over his evidence to the media, not to a nation-state or other entity employing "spies."

Israel's repeated use of the term "spy" is sensationalizing and designed to cast Mordechai Vanunu in false and negative light vis-a-vis the rest of the world.

"The petitioner proved repeatedly that he cannot be trusted and that he does not respect the letter of the law," Justices Eliezer Rivlin, Elyakim Rubinstein and Hanan Metzer wrote in their decision.

Mordechai Vanunu does not respect the letter of the so-called Zionist law. Who does? I don't. Zionists do. Zionism is inherently evil though. That's why the "judges" ruled as they did: evilly.

Mordechai Vanunu told his whole story decades ago. He has nothing major to add to the story. At this point, most of what he has to say is simply about how bad Zionism is and how utterly dangerous and foolish nuclear weapons are and the programs that develop them. This is nothing unique to Mordechai Vanunu.

What the Zionists are doing is simply gagging him. They are preventing him from speaking freely about his experiences. He has though managed to get his story out, but the Zionist-dominated media have suppressed his case.

The convicted spy further claimed that he has no contact with reporters or the media, and has no affiliation with political bodies, adding that his only wish is to be written out from the pages of history and open a new page in life.

Even if this is his current position and even if it is subject to change, what difference does that make? He's been punished long and hard by the Zionists. He spent 18 years in cramped, solitary confinement designed to drive him insane.

...he holds state secrets that have not been published, which he said in the past he would reveal as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

He can probably elaborate, but the "secret" isn't a secret and hasn't been for decades.

Israel has nuclear weapons and is not a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and as such, should not be receiving one dime from the US (that's US law, which the so-called US leadership flaunts over and over and over).

In their ruling, the judges accepted the State's claim, writing that Vanunu has not changed his ways and repeatedly violated the injunctions by maintaining ties with several foreign elements.

That court is lame. Mordechai Vanunu has always had rights under international law to which Israel is supposed to be held to account. Israel constantly violates those rights.

Israel didn't have the right in the first place to kidnap Mordechai Vanunu and drag him back to Israel to serve nearly two decades in solitary.

I am not 100% in sync with Mordechai Vanunu, but I know the Zionist Project is wrong from start to finish. It is a wicked and illegitimate regime that has used terrorism to ethnically cleans the land for Zionists to steal the land out from under Palestinian Arabs who lived there for untold generations before the first Zionist showed up. The Zionists are clearly guilty of horrendous war crimes and other crimes.

It's past time the rest of the world developed some backbone and stop supporting and defending the Zionist criminals.

I'm all for repentance, which includes forgiveness. Get on with it, "Israel." You give Jacob a bad reputation. He's not happy about you.

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