More Distortions, Half-Truths Published Against Real Liberal Christian Church, Christian Commons, & Tom Usher

There is a comment on site details - Technorati against the Real Liberal Christian Church and Tom Usher (me). I have attempted to post a full reply, but Technorati is refusing to post it. Perhaps it was too long. Perhaps URL's should have been in the form of HTML links (per their comment rules, even though their system renders long URL's that do not break their theme). Therefore, here is my full reply. It is my intention to supply the URL on Technorati and in the form of a correctly formed HTML link (I did that, as you may see by the screen shot immediately below):

Technorati Review Comments

"Maximillien Robespierre" wrote of the Real Liberal Christian Church and this author:

...appears to back Western imperialism in most conflicts....

That statement is complete falsehood. I have been very clear throughout in my call that the West not use violence, period.

I have also made very clear that if they are going to use violence under the UNSC "Responsibility to Protect" concept, then they will be, and are, doubly hypocritical if they do not apply it everywhere.

...appears to support George Soros and considers it progress for Soros-funded NGOs to dislodge authoritarian rulers in the Middle East, Asia, and East Europe.

You will note this statement indicates that "Maximillien Robespierre" therefore supports "authoritarian rulers in the Middle East, Asia, and East Europe" and considers their "dislodging" to be regression.

In my writings, I have said plainly that wherever "authoritarian rulers" are removed that neoliberals not take their places but that the people as a whole should make the decisions concerning such things as contracts for mineral extraction and how the proceeds are spent.

I have, for instance, been completely opposed to Qaddaffi's dictatorial lordship over the oil wealth of Libya. I have called for the Libyan people to decide collectively with each Libyan having an equal say, not more say for those with money or neoliberal connections.

As for George Soros, I take his statements and positions one at a time and within context. I am not a capitalist and do not fully endorse George Soros's prescriptions for the economy. Given the choice between laissez-faire capitalism and George Soros's Keynesian and somewhat Post-Keynesian positions, however, certainly George's positions are the less onerous. I am wholeheartedly anti-Koch Brothers.

I have called for United States Notes (USN), which are interest and tax free, to replace Federal Reserve Notes. I have said that USN be used to pay off the National Debt. I'm original in saying that USN should be pegged to real productivity measured in real-time so there will be no inflation or deflation. You may read about my proposals on the RLCC site. I am for economic democracy, not plutocracy. In the longer run, I am for a moneyless system. All of these positions are spelled out in great detail on the RLCC-CCP (Christian Commons Project) site.

...holding their leaders to a seemingly higher standard than the governments of the EU.

Has this person bothered to research my statements on the Real Liberal Christian Church website concerning the policies and practices of the various US administrations down through history and my position on Britain and it's support for Bush-43's various wars? Has he bothered to read my statements concerning Barack Obama and the lies about Iran's nuclear-weapons program? Has he read my statements concerning the Georgian War?

I was in favor of the French position in the UN vs. Bush-43's in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. I have made clear that I favor France's social-welfare system and health-care system over that of the US. I have though been critical of France concerning its poor treatment of non-violent Muslims in France and a number of other things. The shift to supporting Bush was appalling. Obviously, my criticism concerning hypocrisy in applying RtoP applies directly to France. I have also been clear about my views concerning Germany and it's economic policies towards Greece and others. I won't belabor this here.

Is "Maximillien Robespierre" a Stalinist?

Has "Maximillien Robespierre" conferred with me on any of this? If so, where and when and what did he ask and what were my responses before he decided to post his false statements.

In addition, you will note that "Maximillien Robespierre" is a handle. If it is his real name, then I would like to see where he has an open identity with it.

...a new Christian denomination (led by, yes, the author based on a vision purported to have come directly from God). However, it has only amassed about $55 in donations over a few years.

How can one begin a Christian denomination without leading that effort? Also, if anyone bothers to read the post on the site "About Our Name," that person, if he has sense and understanding, will see that it is not a "new" denomination but a clearing up of what Christian means.

Christians know that God is within. If I have been moved within to begin the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project, then am I to turn around and say that God has had nothing to do with it? What a preposterous thing upon which to attack me. Of course, certain atheists would deny me regardless. Other atheists, however, would see the illogic in "Maximillien Robespierre"'s comment. Clearly, he has little comprehension about Jesus's true Christianity.

As for how much money the RLCC has, that amount isn't known by "Maximillien Robespierre." He is going by PayPal donations on the site. PayPal is not the sole source of donations. The amount the RLCC has is not and was not $55 as of the date "Maximillien Robespierre" posted his "review" comment on Technorati.

Regardless, if we are to gauge the rightness or wrongness of a cause based upon donations to it, then which cause has received the most in donations and is "Maximillien Robespierre" willing to then say that, that cause is the best? Causes he hates have receive more in donations than causes he loves, but is he bright enough to think about that before he writes unsubstantiated comments attacking the Real Liberal Christian Church and me?

Isn't that right, Thomas Smitherman?

It's really sad that people are such twisters. When will they see the light?

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