Homosexual fascists and pro-homosexual fascists need to be stopped

@vikiknox Check my comment on fb.me/1oyFbZQ9I: "Are you able to turn this around? How...." #HomosexualFascism #HF #hf

My comment on Facebook:

Are you able to turn this around?

How can a homosexual teacher post openly pro-homosexual comments on Facebook and then turn around and not discriminate against an anti-homosexuality student? If Viki Knox can't be neutral in class, then neither can a homosexual teacher who posts pro-homosexuality statements on Facebook.

Therefore, fire those homosexual teachers too.

How's that? How do you like it?

Are you consistent?

Are you opposed to the First Amendment?

Are you opposed to Freedom of Religion?

When did homosexual "rights" trump the free-exercise clause?

Explain it to me? It can't be done.

When did the self-esteem of homosexuals become more important than the self-esteem of young Christian students, for instance, or young Muslim students or young Orthodox Jewish students, etc.?

See also: Viki Knox Case: Beware creeping homosexual fascism in sheep's clothing

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