Stalin & Qaddaffi Weren't Demonized: They did it to themselves (with the help of those around them)

There's a fellow by the name of Morris Herman who vlogs (video blogs) on YouTube. I have mixed emotions about his work, as I'm sure he does about mine. His most recent video is embedded below. I'm going to address only the first part concerning Joseph Stalin, as I think that setting the record straight on that will also set the proper stage for appraising Qaddaffi's regime in Libya, at least as concerns this video of Morris's.

Qaddaffi was not a Marxist, per se, because he was also, ostensibly at least, a Muslim. A Muslim can agree with some tenets of Marxism but certainly will reject materialism.

Anyway, concerning Stalin, let me say briefly that it is not generally disputed that Stalin was ruthless and brutal and despite the opening of the Soviet archives. The Gulag Archipelago (millions in force-labor camps, most apparently died) is not a falsehood and neither is the Great Purge (1,000 executions per day, minimum; "numerous mass graves filled with executed victims of the terror") or the Soviet famine of 1932–1933 (millions starved to death due to inhuman, barbaric treatment — see: Ukrainian Holodomor — and the Law of Spikelets, which was part of the cause for the famine. The farmers were not allowed to eat their fill of their harvest. In other words, Stalin and Lenin before him, muzzled the oxen to death, an absolutely stupid and monstrous thing to do.

Let me point out at this point that the torturing that went on in Abu Salim Prison under Qaddaffi is well-documented. It happened. Also, Qaddaffi stashed tens of billions (some say it might have been as high as $200 billion) out of the reach of the Libyan people, 30+% of whom were reportedly still living in poverty (which many homes and possessions clearly suggests) despite all the claims of how wonderful Qaddaffi was. Meanwhile, Qaddaffi lived in nothing less than opulence and splendor while lavishing his children to the point that some were apparently horribly spoiled, even perverted brats.

The Trotskyists' critique of Stalin are apt. Stalin was anti-democratic and elitist. His top bureaucrats lived as multimillionaires and he himself live in luxury while tens of millions lived rather meager lives at best. Stalin was also a totalitarian. Anyone who disagreed with him was killed or sent to a labor camp or into exile — hardly a man I would choose as leader.

Now, with all of that in mind, watch the following video (bear in mind that I don't entirely disagree with some of Morris's sentiments — we agree on plenty of things at least partially):

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