Jack Abramoff Scandal: Ralph Reed, nothing; Kevin Ring, sentenced to mere 20 months (Author of a book praising Antonin Scalia)

In his 2004 book, "Scalia Dissents," Kevin A. Ring explored American law as seen by "the Supreme Court's Wittiest, Most Outspoken Justice." Now Mr. Ring will have a chance to form his own impressions of the justice system—from the inside.

Kevin Ring

Kevin Ring

On Wednesday, Mr. Ring was sentenced to 20 months in federal prison for his role in the Jack Abramoff corruption conspiracy....

via Kevin Ring, Author of Scalia Book, Gets 20 Months in Abramoff Scandal - Washington Wire - WSJ.

You can bet he's been sentenced to a country club too, just as was Bernie Madoff (who stole $65 Billion). As a Christian, I'm ready to forgive the repentant in a flash. I'm ready not to punish or to be bitter regardless. There's much more I could say here that would clarify those sentiments; but what I'm thinking about is how the American so-called system of justice is so skewed toward coddling the rich and their sycophants while it's ready to crush the poor.

The Jack Abramoff Scandal was hardly even that. Scandal's don't seem to exist or stick when they are about the rich, just so long as those rich aren't lower-level Italian Americans or Black Americans and a few other particular ethnic groupings. If you are Jewish or you are a neocon or a Zionist (Jewish or Christian or otherwise) and your sin is able to be couched in supposed financial terms only, then you are coddled by your fellows in crime in high places. Do you take exception to that? I'm sure there are exceptions that make the rule. Do you know what that means? It means the exceptions are rare enough that the rule still stands.

Is mine a racist or ethnically bigoted statement or observation? It's actually an observation about racists and the ethnically bigoted. Is it anti-Zionist? Absolutely it is anti-Zionist; but that's not anti-Jewishness (whatever that is these days). It's against Zionists colonialists and imperialists very violently horning into Palestine, stealing land via documented and even bragged about terrorism that is also called ethnic cleansing.

That said, the whole Neoconservative Movement is about supposedly making the world safe for democracy via violent revolutions while not only turning a blind eye to the sins of the Zionists but actually lauding them as epitomizing a democratic society. What a joke that is! The only argument they bring to this is contrasting some backward Arab notions against the "goodness" of second-class citizenship for Arab Israelis (Arabs living in Israel). That's hardly a goal worth aiming for. As a Christian and human being, I aim much higher than that for everyone's sake.

Someone who particularly has been more than coddled is Ralph Reed. Ralph Reed is what is meant by someone who gives Christianity a bad reputation. As far as I'm aware, the very public Ralph Reed has not repented about his obvious sins he committed in the Jack Abramoff affair(s).

Ralph Reed

Ralph Reed

Not only that, but Republicans have gone beyond merely resurrecting the "dead of the Holy Spirit of truth" Ralph Reed, they have sought to, and have, raised him up as if he never had any involvement (let alone some of the scummiest parts) with Abramoff. Even Jack Abramoff thought Ralph Reed was the most unscrupulous of Abramoff's clique.

Here's Ralph Reed's newest effort, which is about as anti-Christ as it gets (hence Jack Abramoff probably realizing just what a snake in the grass this Ralph Reed really is): Faith and Freedom Coalition. Now, that's so-called Christian-Zionist (there's really no such thing, as no real Christian is a Zionist but rather always anti-Zionist).

Well, I won't go on here in this one post. It's enough of a start. I just felt compelled to help expose this utter evil masquerading as Christian (wolf, devil, in sheep's clothing). Anyone agreeing with Ralph Reed (except for concerning some very narrowly defined areas, such as helping the poor, which issues Reed exploits to gain victims or suckers for his confidence-man games) calling himself or herself Christian and who thinks he or she is following Jesus Christ better look again.

Jesus hates what Ralph Reed is about. He has to if he is to be consistent and anti-hypocritical.

Nevertheless, may God bless Ralph Reed, which I'm thinking will include waking him up to his utterly evil entrance onto the broad way that leads to Hell.

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