#ows Utterly Stupid Rationale: "Riot police tear down Occupy Oakland" - YouTube

What an utterly stupid and illegal rationale was used to attack and hurt people exercising their First Amendment rights (and even duty, in a sense). The so-called authorities claimed that the safety of the campers was the reason they ordered police to attack and destroy property and injure protesters.

Those protesters were in zero safety danger, except for the obvious danger from evil, goons and thugs and their paymasters there to protect the evil system that keeps kleptocrats in high places.

Those people claiming authority are not actually authorized to do what they did. They do not have the legal authority to abrogate the First Amendment. Only the people by direct and representative power can amend away the First Amendment. The Supreme Court can't do it either.

What the people can also do is rise up peacefully (and violently — I'm not advocating it) to overthrow any and all rouge so-called governments that do act to illegally abrogate the First Amendment. That's a fact in America under the Declaration of Independence, which is THE founding document, regardless of the US Constitution.

Video description:

Police in riot gear confronted about 200 "Occupy Oakland" demonstrators at Oakland City Hall, apparently using tear gas and rubber bullets and eventually making 85 arrests in all.

via Riot police tear down Occupy Oakland - YouTube.

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