#ows Criminal Cops: Occupy Oakland (10-25-11) Police Force Eviction W/Tear Gas, and Rubber Bullets - YouTube

The cop in the video is heard broadcasting that the people assembled there were part of an "unlawful assembly." That was a complete lie.

Those people were peaceably assembled in full accord with the US Constitution, Amendment I (aka The First Amendment of the US Bill of Rights). What the cops did was against the law, which makes everyone of them criminals against the people and the US Constitution.

It doesn't matter what any court says to the contrary. It doesn't matter if the US Supreme Court claims those cops had the legal authority to breakup a First Amendment assembly. It was, and will remain, an illegal, unconstitutional action by all of those cops and the political so-called authorities who ordered them to do it.

Look, the bankster bailouts are so egregious, the fact that no control fraudsters have been prosecuted, are such huge issues that those must be weighed against any countervailing complaints concerning noise or any other complaints made against those protesters.

The Founding Fathers of the United States killed and died in the Revolutionary War so the people could have the right to peaceably assemble for exactly the reasons those people assembled in Oakland.

The people who ordered the policed to attack them and the cops who obliged are literally traitors to the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution that they undoubtedly took solemn oaths to uphold.

Video description:

Peaceful Occupy Oakland Protest was Raided by Riot Police Late tuesday night at Oscar Grant Plaza/Frank Ogawa Plaza.

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