Pro-Homosexual Fascist calls for execution of teenage boy for "bullying"; Mother Calls Homosexual Son's Beating Hate Crime

I saw a headline on Yahoo!: "Video shows bully attacking 15-year-old gay student." I thought, well, I wonder. I wonder because the initial story is often insufficient, so I wasn't ready to jump on the bandwagon but just clicked to read it. There was a video. It was embedded from YouTube, so I clicked over to watch it there. It's fuzzy and is as much voice over and shots of the complaining mother as it is of what actually happened. The story or text on Yahoo! News was scant, so I was certainly not ready to make up my mind as to what precipitated the beating. I will say that I thought the whole time how the boy shouldn't be reacting this way -- beating the other. However, I remember the rough and tumble days of teenage boyism and prayed the boy will mature out of it and soon. It happens.

Well, there were a couple of comments right under the video. The ones that get the most "likes" are there. The second one just made me sicker than the video. Here it is:

I'm sorry, but if you attack a "gay person" I firmly believe that you are acting out of hatred for the feelings that you yourself are experiencing. As for the teen that inacted this assault, he should be put to the chair. As well as any teen that carries a weapon to school (I.E. Jonesboro, AR) Because we have become so soft on our children (Spanking is abuse) they are becoming increasingly violent. Little Rock, AR, a 3 (That's right. THREE!) yr old put another in ICU over a TOY! MAKE AN EXAMPLE!


Here's my reply:

@FallenAngelBKR251 "he should be put to the chair"? You are a complete idiot! You haven't a clue about what went on before this happened, but you're ready to execute a boy for beating up another kid. God damned homosexual fascism is coming out. Your handle "Fallen" suits you. No one should beat anyone, and no one should execute anyone else either, especially just a boy and especially when you don't have the full story on both sides. Your barbaric mentality is a huge part of the problem!


You can find the comments here: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself..

I debated whether to embed the video here because I'm offended by the extremely poor reporting and the obvious editing for effect, as if a beating doesn't speak for itself. Frankly, if you were to have shown the video without the mother talking while it's running and without cutting back and forth to her, I would have found that to be less manipulative reporting, especially since the reporter/editor did not know the circumstances leading up to the beating.

It may come out that the beaten boy truly had not done or said anything and that the other boy was simply beating him up for being a homosexual. However, you can't just assume that from the video and the bit that was told by the mother. You have to reserve judgment until you get the whole story else you become a fascistic society.

Let's not forget that the Nazis SA Brown Shirts under Ernst Rohm were notorious homosexuals and bullies. The degree to which Rohm's homosexuality played in his fascism is nearly covered up today by pro-homosexual forces. His homosexuality figured very prominently. He considered it a strength for power.

I see many of the same tendencies at work right now in the homosexual movement in the US. One need look no further than the Pentagon with all of the militant homosexuals flooding in and taking over.

Watch out!

As you can see, they're already calling for anyone who "bullies" a homosexual to be executed, even potentially abused boys. That's right. No one knows what's gone on yet. The boy dishing it out could have been on the receiving end of worse and from a homosexual. We don't know just from a fuzzy video and a mother talking knee-jerk.

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