Catholic Newspaper Yanks Column Linking Devil, Same-Sex Attraction, Christian News

RC Bishops

RC Bishops

A Massachusetts-based Catholic publication has recently retracted an opinion column in which the author suggested that same-sex attraction was the work of the devil.

via Catholic Newspaper Yanks Column Linking Devil, Same-Sex Attraction, Christian News.

Look, Satan is the spirit of evil and has a direct bearing upon the flesh. Whether there are genes for disease or not, dis-ease is what it is. Some people are genetically predisposed to cancer. That doesn't make cancer a good thing, per se, or okay, unless one thinks cancer striking evil-doers is divine retribution. In some cases, that fits; but what Christian wishes cancer on anyone? None that I know of. Cursing someone with cancer is decidedly an anti-Christ thing to do. Jesus would never do it. It's the Satanic spirit that does it.

Within the context I've just laid out, same-sex attraction is the work of the devil. There's no doubt about it, and you will never hear me retracting it. Why the Roman Catholics did is simply a sign of weakness in the face of evil -- better to go to the cross.

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