Culture Guard demands probe of homosexual pornography in public elementary schools - RoadKill Radio

Homosexual "pornography is being promoted in some BC schools under the guise of 'anti-bullying' programs, RoadKill Radio co-host Kari Simpson charged yesterday [September 30, 2011?] at a news conference called by Culture Guard, an organization to promote citizen activism."

" [homosexual] porn videos and other forms of pornography are being promoted in some BC schools by an "anti-bullying" program called Out In Schools."

via Culture Guard demands probe of gay pornography in schools » RoadKill Radio.

Are homosexual XXX videos okay with you & even for kids in public schools? If so, you're sick, really, really sick.

Did you read that ad: "Quotes from TDSB Curriculum -JK to grade 3"? If that ad is true, and I have no reason to believe it is not, then there is homosexual fascism running Canada, at least parts thereof. It is impossible to be a Christian and a public school teacher in that Canada.

The inmates in the insane asylum have taken over. That "Curriculum" is forcing ideas on little kids that should never even come up ever. It is criminal. The adults responsible are criminals. It's a fact. It is inexcusable.

You see, they asked only to be "tolerated" and promised there was no slippery slope. They lied and lied and lied, and now they are poisoning the children's minds and killing their souls. If you had said to them, the homosexuals, that if homosexuality is "tolerated," those homosexuals will one day be linking little children in public schools to homosexual pornography, those homosexuals would have denied it over and over and over.

They are utterly evil for doing this to children. It's child sexual abuse. I hate it. I hate what they're doing. The wrath will come. It will come because of them. War is Hell, and there is poverty and misery; but these homosexuals are preying on the children in the most diabolical manner. God sees it, and Satan will become completely unleashed if this stuff continues spreading. Mark my words. Don't say you weren't warned.

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