#ows: Fascist tools: "Police Pepper Spray Peaceful UC Davis Students." Where are the federal authorities upholding the first amendment?

US citizens on public property peacefully assembled under the First Amendment are to be protected by federal authorities against local & state fascistic governments. The 1st Amendment is not subject to tent, sleeping-bag, sleeping, curfew, & other subservient laws.

The people demanded the Bill of Rights so they could demand & receive a redress of grievances.

Ultra-rich, deregulated, insufficiently taxed banksters & corporatist crashed the economy on purpose & have gone almost scot-free.

"Police Defend Use Of Force On 'Occupy UC Davis'"

Thanks to Vern Radul of Antemedius: "How To Grow A Revolution: Police Attack and Mace [pepper spray] Sitting UC Davis Students At Point-Blank Range" for bringing this video and news article to our attention.

You may be interested in this previous post on Antemedius, "In Statement To Press Barack Obama Sides With 99% in Occupy Movement," as it shows how inconsistent and even duplicitous Barack Obama has been and is still being concerning world versus domestic violations of human and civil rights. I left comments over there on that one in that regard.

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