Anthropogenic Global Warming is just warming up: "Bad, Badder, BEST"

AGW Deniers have been severely misled! The Truth Movement should be on the side of those exposing the greedy monsters behind AGW. They value mammon more than your life and even their own. Many of them pretend to believe in God, but they are really just out to get what they can because they know their time is short. My time is eternal, and I'm not on their side. The Golden Rule says to stop polluting.

The video description:

Richard Muller seemed like the last best hope of the anti-science movement.
This month he published his global temperature results, and the climate denialists are up in arms.
What went wrong?

BEST climate results

BEST animation

A Climate Skeptic Admits he was Wrong

Anthony Watts: Visit to BEST

BEST results animation

Scientists will Lie, Cheat and Steal - WUWT

Global warming, a huge whopper - WUWT

Global Cooling, Mark Morano on the news

James Delingpole, Global Cooling and the new world order

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