Homosexual Cognitive Dissonance: How to break the spell

You suffer from cognitive dissonance. You're too much the conformist, too conditioned, too enslaved openly to ask: "Do penises belong in anuses?" You're a coward. You're phobic of offending the homosexuals who have you hypnotized. You're weak-minded.

If this speaks to you, the shoe fits. You've self-identified as brainwashed into believing that men should shove their penises up other men's rectums — a truly insane position — fraught with disease of many kinds. You are ignorant. You can't tolerate truth, only inconsistency. You are bigoted against those who do not suffer your confusion.

Repeat after me:

  1. Penises do not belong in anuses.

  2. Penises do not belong in anuses.

  3. Penises do not belong in anuses.

Repeat that truth everyday until you are out from under the spell of the sick, lying homosexuals.

Believe it. It's true, and you know it. Stop being a liar! Spread this truth, or lose your soul.

In the late 1950s, social psychologist, Leon Festinger observed that in people who have dissonant cognitions (pieces of knowledge), the level of psychological stress increases with the degree of discrepancy between cognitions and the number of discrepant cognitions. He discovered that to cope with dissonance, after a decision is made (here accepting one's homosexuality), people would attend to information that conforms to their attitudes and values while ignoring, denying or distorting information that is inconsistent with their beliefs. Indeed, people alter aspects of the decision alternatives to reduce dissonance, which leads to viewing the chosen alternative as more desirable and the rejected alternative as less desirable.

(Source [Warning: Some people will be highly offended by the language, but the content is worth reading for those who can overcome certain disgusting words]: "Homosexism," by Carman Bradley. StandForGod.Org.)

Note: Shortly after I published this the first time, the blog went down (extremely rare). It's only the second time that it has happened that I've seen. The first time was also immediately after I published pointed anti-homosexuality material.

This post is so important that I've deleted the first and republished so the moment it goes live/public, those who click through won't be met by a down server. If they are again, it's no mere fleshly coincidence. Yes, I believe in spirit; and I believe it is over the flesh whether for good or evil. There is radical evil beyond the flesh, and it considers me an enemy.

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