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Lizzie Phelan is putting forth wishful thinking that NATO's experience in Libya shows that it's more difficult than NATO anticipated and that, that will help prevent the same in Syria. Actually, because it was so easy, Russia and China are very nervous.

In addition, how can she speak as if Qaddaffi was a "good guy"? NATO fighting Qaddaffi was evil fighting evil. That's the divided house that is prophesied to always fall.

As for Turkey, Lizzie Phelan doesn't seem to understand that Turkey is still Atatürk's country. Turkey wants to be the bridge between Europe and the Middle East/Asia. It wants Western style multi-party democracy with, right now, at least a slight Islamic bent throughout the Middle East. Turkey wants both the EU (NATO) and the Middle East to need Turkey.

Erdogan has exercised restraint regarding Syria. Assad is strengthening the Zionist position and making attacking Iran easier. Turkey is not.

As for Assad saying missiles will rain down on Israel, it's bluster. The area is noted for it. No nation over there that has claimed it will defeat NATO has even given NATO a scratch.

I'm not saying NATO is impregnable. I'm simply saying that the leaders in that part of the world always grossly exaggerate their capabilities. They talk big and get their people killed when there are always better options.

I think Lizzie Phelan has a good heart. She feels for the downtrodden. She has compassion. However, her head hasn't caught up with it all yet. There's a good deal of naivety remaining about who's against whom.

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