Greenpeace 2011 Thanksgiving Message

In 2011, Greenpeace:

Worked with one of the largest seafood retailers in the U.S., Costco, to establish a real sustainable seafood policy that included taking 12 red list species off their shelves.

Successfully ended a three-year campaign against the palm oil branch of the giant Indonesian company, Sinar Mas, when they unveiled a plan to stop destroying peatlands and forests in Indonesia for palm oil plantations.

Organized more than 200 vigils across the country in support of the Japanese people after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Teamed up with local activists on the ground in Virginia, Ohio and Massachusetts to close down dirty coal-fired power plants in those states.

Convinced the largest toy manufacturer in the world, Mattel, to stop doing business with notorious rainforest destroyers Asia Pulp & Paper. And thanks to the campaign, Lego and Hasbro did the same.

Ended vote buying at the International Whaling Commission -- making it harder for countries like Japan to bribe poor countries to support their pro-whaling stance. We continued to work with the Obama administration later in the year, getting them to impose diplomatic sanctions on Iceland for their continued illegal whaling.

per Philip Radford, Greenpeace Executive Director

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