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I found myself agreeing with everything this young man, Josh, said. However, I qualify that statement by explaining that I'm completely anti-militant. Josh said he is anti-war, but he didn't go as far as to say he is a pacifist. Perhaps he is.

I mention this all primarily because of his comments about Qaddaffi being "brilliant" before Saddam's downfall. The former regime was bad, but it is easy to be generous ("brilliant"?) with Libyan (other people's; the peoples') oil money. Josh strikes me as being highly intelligent enough that he might take my point and perhaps work with it. I am accustomed to being disappointed though; so if I were to put it to him, I wouldn't be holding my breath on that so to speak.

Morris was a huge Qaddaffi fan right up to the end and even after they killed Qaddaffi. I disagree with Morris about Qaddaffi, but I do think Morris does not want war anywhere and does want everyone to be treated humanely, etc., at least until it comes time for self-defense, which I'm confident to say (unfortunately) that Morris still believes in. Maybe he'll come to Christ. We'll see. I do wish him peace and blessings.

I particularly liked the way Josh understood that the Occupy Movement is not being allowed as a distraction. My understanding is that the powers that be are nervous about trying too hard to disallow the people to protest. After all, the more the various governments clamp down and the faster they do it, the more proof they provide the people who will then react more emphatically, including against funding the wars rather than social welfare or even outright socialism, taking down the whole private, commercial banking system.

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