#ows Ray Lewis, retired police captain, Philadelphia Police Dept., crosses police lines, sides with protesters, gets arrested, speaks out

If the police departments simply refuse, per Ray Lewis, there is nothing the governments could do other than calling out the National Guard. What if they refuse too? The government could call in the regular military (not that the National Guard hasn't been "nationalized"). What if they too refuse? Afterall, it's not as if the military-service personnel wouldn't quickly realize that the police and National Guard had refused orders from the banksters to crush the people.

Now, that is what should happen. I don't mean that the plutocrats should attempt to keep turning one after another to various forces to oppress the people but that those forces should agree in unison to refuse to follow illegal, unconstitutional orders and rather respect the First Amendment, which is based upon pretty decent motives considering the depth to which the US has clearly sunk what with the US Senate calling for disappearing US citizens from US soil (plus all of the other illegal, unconstitutional things that have been going on by both Republicans and Democrats in the White House and both houses of Congress).

Then technically, the police should arrest the banksters and their crony politicians (all of them, including Barack Obama), who all should be put on trial (fair trial).

Oh sure, the Constitution would be suspended in a sense. Actually though, it would be being followed more closely than it is now; and it would be able to be restored and/or enhanced regardless. That's the secular point, right?

Tom Usher

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