#WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, Orwellian spy world: "You are all screwed," until...!

We've all known about how the various governments around the world have been whittling away at privacy. The plutocrats literally want to own everyone as slaves without the people realizing it. That's what the whole educational system in the US has been about for decades. Love working like a slave so the superrich can take a huge slice from all your work that you are forced into doing because that same superrich has seen to it that there is no alternative allowed.

The better the common people did, the more the superrich hated it and paid others to take it away. That's why Americans have less and less and less. That's why Americans don't have abundant, clean, free energy and everything else that would go into a wonderful quality of life for everyone.

The greedy always ruin everything, and those who sell out to them are traitors to the human race.

Sure, you have a job right now that you don't want to lose, but that doesn't mean you have to keep feeling, thinking, talking, acting, writing, etc., in ways that suggest you like this enslaving system.

There is an alternative. It's called cooperation for the sake of everyone rather than competition for the sake of the few. It's simple.

There are answers. Debt-freed United States Notes to pay off the National Debt and to pay for everything the people need and want is a start.

Orwells World: "You are all screwed" - YouTube.

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