A Sid Davis Production: "Boys Beware": 1961 anti-homosexual video

Which thing are homosexuals taking exception to here: 1) men try to get boys to engage in sex with them, as portrayed in the video, or 2) the idea that doing it is symptomatic of mental illness?

What Jimmy didn't know was that Ralph was sick, a sickness that was not visible like smallpox but no less dangerous and contagious, a sickness of the mind. You see, Ralph was a homosexual, a person who demands an intimate relationship with members of their own sex.

Well, among other things, Ralph wanted to stick his penis up Jimmy's anus. Now, is that not sick? Did Ralph's penis belong there?

Anatomically, physiologically, and pathologically do penises belong in anuses?

Here's the comment thread on YouTube following my initial comment there "...do penises belong in anuses?:


@TomUsherRLCC Who knows. Men do have incredibly sensitive prostates that can only be stimulated anally, sooo...


@tecaltabiano You don't know that they belong there, but you're willing to suggest that they might because prostates are sensitive & can only be stimulated anally? I don't know that you're correct that they "can only be stimulated anally," but how would that begin to suggest they might "belong" there? Eating stimulates, but some things you don't eat unless you want to get sick or even die. A penis in an anus is a type of poisoning. It's never trouble free that I've ever heard of.


@TomUsherRLCC Poisoning...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I accept that anal sex, if not done carefully, is dangerous, but, still.....


You think that there's harmless anal sex. Earlier, you said that a penis may belong up an anus because the prostate is sensitive. That would suggest that anything may belong there so long as to stimulate the prostate. I've already anticipated that you'll mean things that you don't think do damage, but your vision on this is impaired. Why is stimulating the prostate the condition for belonging? Are you claiming that evolutionarily there's an infinite benefit?


@TomUsherRLCC Who knows? I was just arguing about the whole extreme-Christian Creationist concept that God made us so as to be only a man and a woman, but that argument would be proven wrong by this prostate thingy.

And, again, anal sex can be harmless when the necessary precautions are taken (let's not get into details). Not saying that it always is.


@TomUsherRLCC what are you suggesting?


@sibeliandrift The issue is whether a penis belongs in an anus. The concept of what constitutes belonging is not agreed upon. Defining the term is appropriate. tecaltabiano thinks the prostate can be stimulated that way, so it may indicate that a penis belongs there. I find that more than a stretch. The penis and anus have designed functions. It's not supportable that one of them is anal intercourse just because some hedonists may think otherwise. There are too many negatives.

Consider the difference between vaginal sexual intercourse that ordinarily may be practiced everyday for decades without complication, and anal intercourse, where this "great" care must be taken, per tecaltabiano. A man can be too rough vaginally; but certainly, the same style of intercourse can't be practiced on the same anus day after day after day without finally resulting in major complications.

A man's penis belongs in a vagina. It doesn't belong in an anus. Any child should be able to readily understand that. Unfortunately, the homosexuals get to the children with false propaganda while the children are rightly protected by the doctrine of age-appropriateness.

Let me say that if the age-appropriate doctrine is the only thing standing between the children being duped by lying homosexuals, then the children should never be taught that homosex is anything but mental, physical, and spiritual illness.

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