India not asking Facebook, Google, Twitter to prescreen user content: Kapil Sibal

I was asked to sign a petition against Kapil Sibal's recent actions, but the request was completely lacking news content. Therefore, I went to look for myself. I'm glad I did.

Kapil Sibal, India's minister of communications and information technology, appeared on the CNN-IBN program "Devil's Advocate" with Karan Thapar over the weekend to discuss  the government's recent request  that Internet companies like Facebook and Google screen user content.

via Kapil Sibal on CNN-IBN: Our Response -

This fellow just doesn't sound like a fascist to me, and I know the content has to be really raunchy. The anti-Christs and anti-religionists have been driving down the standards into the cesspool where they love to wallow.

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