I'll tell you who needs to shut up: Sen. Lindsey Graham on the #NDAA, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

US Senator Lindsey Graham is sadistic. The people of his state, South Carolina, should be ashamed to have voted him into office.

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An American citizen always gets to see his or her lawyer because governments, prosecutors, etc., can and very often have gotten things wrong and/or simply abused their positions.

You're not going to tell American citizens to shut up and then ask them why they joined al Qaeda because it remains to be determined whether or not you have grounds (reasonable suspicion and probable cause) to even be questioning them, let alone holding them against their wills.

Lindsey Graham is a Tory in the worst sense of the term.

Now, I happen to be a convert to Christianity and knew when I made that move that I would be adopting pacifism. That though does not mean I'm indifferent to how Lindsey Graham and the other fascists plan on abusing Americans.

These fascists are pushing, pushing, pushing. There are people who are on the verge of wrath against them simply over the principle of the things. Those people would be fine where it not for the likes of the effete Lindsey Graham trampling all over everything that Americans are taught from birth to fight to the death defending.

These fascists, these neocons, these Zionists, are being so chest thumping that they are driving the left and libertarians into each others arms.

I really see trouble up ahead. The rich are getting richer, the banksters have been let off the hook (unrepentant), food is being destroyed with GMO's, the people are being herded and brutalized like cattle (without dignity), law-enforcement is becoming more and more thuggish and less and less like the old cop on the beat who said hello and tipped his hat.

There are plenty of differences between the anarchist left and the anarcho-capitalists, but they'll overcome those differences if it comes down to a fight for survival against the elitists like Lindsey Graham and John McCain and, yes, even the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is being a complete moron on this NDAA issue. It's the worse move of his Presidency so far, and that's saying a great deal because he's made so many huge mistakes.

He's misjudging the people. He's listening to people who aren't reading the people correctly.

I hate violence and want everyone to stop, including Barack Obama; but if they don't, all Hell will end up breaking loose.

Frankly, I think things are falling apart faster than anyone is working to make repairs.

Right now, I sense people planning who weren't doing it just a couple of days ago. I'm not talking about people with I.Q.'s of 90 but rather genius level -- people who aren't going to expose themselves or be able to be found out and who aren't all in the United States.

This NDAA has caused them to start because they believe the US is becoming more and more dangerous for the world. They're joining others who have had plans all along.

Barack Obama, you need to repent of this decision not to veto the legislation. You've already wiped out what you thought you were accomplishing channeling Teddy Roosevelt. The young people are beginning to really hate you, the way they hated Johnson and then Nixon.

Not since Nixon have I sense the nation so close to violent revolution. I thought things were bad under George W. Bush, but I was right that they'd actually get worse under you. I believe we are actually closer to major violence than even during Nixon.

Right now, I count you as a terrible leader. I count you a liar, a fraud. You lie about sex. You lie about Iran. You lie about human rights. You lie about the environment. You lie about the economy. I'm far from perfect, but you are really bad for the people; and I'd be a selfish coward not to say it.

May God have mercy on your soul because Satan sure won't.

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