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But for Novey, the minor issue of what is good for Israel — which remains under siege from a Muslim and Arab world still intent on its destruction — pales besides what she seems to think is the imminent end of the planet. To bolster her argument, she paints a picture of global warming that far exceeds what even most responsible environmental scientists claim about the planet's future. This is a typical tactic of global warmers who, as the Climategate e-mail scandal revealed, believe they must resort to wild exaggerations in order to convince a skeptical public to embrace measures that will harm the economy

Does the Jewish Left Care Anymore About What's Good for Jews or Israel? « Commentary Magazine.

Holy cow, the author of that piece, Jonathan S. Tobin, apparently believes in Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) but is either careless enough or disingenuous enough to point to the so-called "Climategate" that wasn't.

No serious person who has looked into the issue agrees at all with the pushers of the ridiculous Climategate conspiracy. It never happened, not even close.

There was only one issue and that was with the outlier of tree-ring data that changed in the 1960's. There was zero desire on the part of anyone to hide any truth. There was only a genuine concern that they wouldn't be able to educate people enough in handouts about the tree rings. All other data remained consistent with the Hockey Stick, and further research has only firmed that up. Even former AGW-deniers of note with real scientific backgrounds ended up confirming the data.


In addition to that though is that the whole article is complete bunkum on another level. It completely ignores the fact that there are plenty of great alternatives to carbon burning just sitting right there. I really wonder how much shilling for the oil, gas, and coal industries is going on in that article.

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