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The Christian Left sometimes differs from other Christian political groups on issues including homosexuality. This is often not a matter of different religious ideas, but one of focus — viewing the prohibitions against killing, or the criticism of concentrations of wealth, as far more important than social issues emphasized by the religious right, such as opposition to active homosexuality. In this case, similar to philosophies expressed by writers such as C.S. Lewis, these members of the Christian Left believe homosexual sex to be overemphasized when compared with issues relating to social justice, or even matters of sexual morality involving heterosexual sex. The constant right-wing focus on Homosexuality and Abortion is a focus on nothing but wedge issues. Bottom Line: We welcome all to their place at Gods table.

via The Christian Left. This is their non-Facebook site: TheChristianLeft.org.

You see, many are called, but few are chosen. You invite everyone, but then Jesus says the following:

These particular people are not dressed for the feast. Remove them from our presence. We won't have iniquity in Heaven but Hell. I told them to go, and sin no more, including being greedy and selfish and committing human-on-human violence and abuse. I told them to love one another, and love does not include putting one's penis up another's anus (it is profound confusion) or murdering the living beings not yet born (a huge devaluation of the gift of life). Be truly harmless. Don't just pay lip-service to it.

Also, Jesus was not coercive. He would not vote in a secular election to coerce anyone into anything. Heaven is a voluntary place.

Clean up on your way there or don't expect to have the door open on High. Don't expect to drag your sins in with you and to then sit down in God's throne with him. It isn't going to happen no matter how much homosexuals and others think they've attained "rights" from the worldly powers ruled by Satan, not God.

If they were God's subjects, they'd keep themselves from uncleanliness. Homosex is inherently unclean. It is never harmless. It is always a choice. Weak spirits fall to wicked temptations offered up by the fallen god and demigods of this world who is Satan and his fallen host bound for the Hell of their own making/choosing.

One last thing, lust is lust, whether for mammon or blood or fleeting, debauched sexual satisfaction (hedonism). Don't cave into any of them. Homosex and abortion are just as disgusting as war and hyper-acquisitiveness. Homosex is death of the spirit of righteousness right along with committing murder. Repent before it is too late. Don't call that which is illiberal liberal.

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