Ziyad Yaghi Guilty? US Courts: Public Access to Court Electronic Records Not Free

This is what the US government tells you when you go to see if justice is being done:

For your information, the Judicial Conference of the United States has established a fee to be collected for access to PACER. All registered agencies or individuals will be charged a user fee. Access to PACER systems will generate an $.08 per page charge.

via Public Access to Court Electronic Records.

What that says is that daylight in the justice system is only for those who have the money to buy it. We already pay taxes. On top of that though, taxes are a scam. The US government can create debt-free money. It needs zero taxes. Just look into United States Notes (USN) and United States Money (USM). This site covers the macro and microeconomics of both USN and USM.

This is why I went looking for the court documents: NATIONAL CALL FOR ACTION: FREE ZIYAD YAGHI!;

I had checked on that case before but that was before they instituted a fee and before Ziyad Yaghi was convicted. I wanted to see why the courts found him guilty. As far as I'm concerned, they've hidden it behind a paywall that most definitely should not be there because justice belongs to the poor and financial broke/bankrupt as much as to the big, selfish, greedy, fake-philanthropist (PR-seeking) billionaires.

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