Bachmann's Latest: Kinsey Report is "A Myth," and she's right!

AlterNet is soooo confused about sex. An article over there raves about Alfred Kinsey. What shoddy work! How misleading!

My comment on AlterNet trying to clue them in there on Alfred Kinsey:

Many people are completely unaware of what the "Report" actually says about homosexuality.

After his "research," Kinsey maintained that homosexual attraction was not fixed but changed. Deal with it if you love his report so much.

He said that children as young as 2 and 3 were having orgasms when they cried and screamed and hit the pedophile anal-rapists he trained. Did you know that? Try reading it. They raped some of the little children until they passed out.

The man was completely insane. He preformed his own circumcision without any pain killer. He also tied a rope to a pipe in the basement of the office, stood on a chair, tied the other end around his testicles, and then jumped off the chair to inflict pain and injury upon himself.

It's all documented. People who supported him and even continue to support him have written and spoken about these things. The conversations are readily available on the Internet if you'd care to become educated about the man who is most responsible for the sexual mess that is getting worse and worse.

Kinsey's friends and associates included many open supporters and members of NAMBLA. Some of them favor bestiality.

It won't turn around until people bother to find out the truth rather than simply reading drivel such as this article.

Fake liberals are dupes! Get real.

Google "Kinsey's Pedophiles," and watch the whole thing. It's only the tip of the iceberg too. I could go on and on about this guy for hours.

You need to understand that we live in the Internet Age. He was busy at a time when the average person didn't have access to Kinsey or didn't bother to read his books.

His life and work have been sanitized by the mass, mainstream, corporate media for the masses so you all won't find out what's really going on to corrupt your souls, to enslave you, to make you buy the iniquitous products of rabid, criminal, depraved capitalists getting richer off your addictions to porn and other selfish lusts. Get a clue.


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