Thank people who came to the party early and bravely! "media consensus on Israel is collapsing"

The media consensus on Israel is collapsing -

Okay, I could make a huge list; I just want to make a quick point here.

"The media consensus on Israel is collapsing." ...part of the mainstream media.

Even Walt and Mearsheimer was alternative-news elaboration.

We don't exist. Only "names" exist. Only brands. The people who got the ball rolling with anti-Zionism don't count now that the demigods have spoken.

The article didn't mention... (Don't be offended if I don't mention you. These are just people who stand out in my mind -- people I saw over and over and over braving the verbal and other arrows of hyper-Zionists):

Illan Pappe, Alan Hart, Ali Abunimah, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Ken O'Keefe, Norman Finkelstein, George Galloway, the land convoys, Ann Wright, the Freedom Flotilla crowd, Karen Kwiatkowski, the Code Pink ladies, all the Palestinians, the BDS founders, and on and on.

He didn't even mention Jimmy Carter or Desmond Tutu.

I should think Erdogan deserves a mention now. You'll notice that the Zionists have toned it down against Ahmadinejad over holocaust-denial and misquoting Ahmadinejad. Juan Cole practically single-handedly ended the stupid, false claim that Ahmadinejad had said he wanted to "wipe Israel off the map" militarily or otherwise.

Why though did I mention holocaust-denial? I mentioned it because, like it or not, many so-called holocaust revisionists have been given a bad rap. Plenty of the stuff they've published questioning the Zionists conspiracy-theory version of the concentration camps and other matters rings true.

For one, it's a fact that six million Jews did not die. The number one Jewish supposed expert on it, Raul Hilberg, said it was 5.1 (and his estimate has been proven to have been based upon the testimony of perjurers who were so bad and ridiculous that they were not allowed to continue embellishing their stories in court for fear on the part of the prosecution that the Zionists' case would be lost in world public opinion).

Then there's the huge issue of 9/11 and whether or to what degree it was an inside-neocon/Zionist/Israeli job. That's had a great deal to do with people waking up. Only idiots buy it that Building 7 came down due to office fires. It was a controlled demolition. I knew it the moment I saw it. Everyone who had ever seen one knew it. The only people who don't admit it was an inside job suffer from a huge case of cognitive dissonance. So, Alex Jones deserves a mention too along with Richard Gage. The 9/11 Truth Movement is so huge that the list of names of noted people who are part of it, people who have had significant impact upon how neocons/Zionists are viewed, would take the rest of my life to document; so, I name them as a group, but at least I name them.

The piece is better than nothing, mind you. It's well written, but I'm just disappointed in the J Street (moderate-Zionist) crap. I probably wouldn't have even written this if he had thrown the alternative media a bone.

Amy Goodman and Paul Jay have had on many, many people who have questioned Zionism and the Likudniks' treatment of their fellow human beings, the Palestinians, who are very closely related to them, as DNA has shown conclusively.

I'll probably kick myself for not having mentioned certain people, like I'm mentioning Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein at the end here, as if they haven't hammered at Zionism with the best of them. It's late, and I'm tired; but I just couldn't let this slip by.

The feeling I got when reading that article was that Salon wants to be held up there with the New York Times -- one of the elite publications. It felt like a snubbing. There are a few more names I could have named; but speaking of snubbing, I wasn't good enough -- in fact, I'm "disgusting" because I don't celebrate homosexuality. Well, some people are just too stupid to admit that penises don't belong up anuses, but that's another post.


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