Homosexual fascism forced on students in California public schools

A California law will add gays and lesbians and people with disabilities to the list of social and ethnic groups whose contributions must be taught in history lessons in public schools. The law also bans teaching materials that reflect poorly on gays or particular religions.

Opponents have filed five potential initiatives to repeal the requirement outright or let parents remove their children while gays' contributions are being taught.

News From The Associated Press.

"The law also bans teaching materials that reflect poorly on gays...." What does that mean? That means censorship if the material is accurate and shows homosexuality to be bad in anyway.

For instance, if there is any scientific evidence that anal intercourse (practiced so frequently by male homosexuals) is detrimental, that evidence must be censored from the schools.

That law is anti-academic freedom. It is anti-science. It is anti-knowledge. It is fascistic on its face. Were I a student there, I would walk out.

I would not sit there listening to pro-homosexual false-propaganda while not being allowed to openly question the material or to present refuting evidence.

I would refuse to take any examinations containing one-sided propagandized, politicized questions.

I would refuse to do any homework associated with the subject matter.

I would not participate until the censorship were completely lifted.

I would not accept punishment for my actions either.

Now, I would expect that the subjects of disabilities and religions be treated the same way that the issue of homosexuality is treated.

Penises do not belong in anuses, yet the California law forbids any public school student from openly stating the undeniable fact in school when presented with pro-homosexual anal intercourse propaganda. That California law is evil. It came out from Hell. It came out from fascistic minds.

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