Ron Paul, will you finally stand up tall against Monsanto? Tell the EPA to Ban Glyphosate!

I know so many people who LOVE Ron Paul, but he's been so silent on Monsanto that it's sickening.

Ron Paul is anti-war. Well then, tell him to stop the Monsanto war against the whole planet. People are becoming dead from Monsanto -- every bit as dead from predator drones. Ron Paul's silence on this is worse than gross negligence. He's actually misleading people down the de-regulation, Pied Piper, path over the chemical cliff to Hell, death, and destruction.

Don't tell me that without all the government subsidies that Monsanto wouldn't be able to press on killing humanity either. Even if Ron Paul were to become the President, he'd face a House and Senate that would not simply do everything Ron Paul wants. In addition, there's the rest of the world where Monsanto can still ruin, ruin, ruin!

We cannot wait for a Congress that will end Monsanto before Ron Paul speaks out against Monsanto and for regulating what goddamn chemicals and genetically engineered monstrosities get to be released into the Commons that is the biosphere of Earth and beyond, quite frankly.

Stop just talking about the Fed, the Fed, the Fed. The Fed is only part of the problem.

Stop saying that we need to deregulate everything. Hell, we need to regulate Monsanto out of business.

I'm not saying we leave all the Monsanto workers to die either. There are options, good options.

Ban Monsanto's RoundUp! Experts Say It's Worse than DDT!
Tell the EPA to Ban Glyphosate

Take Action Now!

The EPA is currently conducting a "Registration Review" of glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide RoundUp. RoundUp is owned by Monsanto, recently named the worst company in the world by the Natural Society. The EPA will be gathering data on glyphosate through the summer of 2012 and making a final decision no earlier than 2015.

The EPA has the power to ban glyphosate, and it should, given glyphosate is:

- worse than DDT

- spawning super-weeds that reduce yields, and

- responsible for a deadly new pathogen that is plaguing plants with new diseases and animals (including humans) with infertility.
Please watch this documentary from Argentina on the dangers of glyphosate. The video, in two parts below, is in Spanish with English subtitles. If the subtitles do not appear automatically, start the video first, then click the arrow on the bottom right and select "Turn on captions." Then, click "Take Action" to send a letter to the EPA that contains links to scientific research that is leading experts to believe glyphosate is even more dangerous than DDT.

Take Action Now!

Tell the EPA to Ban Glyphosate!

via Tell the EPA to Ban Glyphosate!.

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