Why Not Attack Iran? | Huntington News: What does "gay" have to do with it?

This is a very good overview. There are a number of great lines in it too. Good job! David Swanson, who apparently didn't think I'm good enough to retain as a Facebook friend, unless Facebook is lying to me again about who is or isn't still my "friend."

What is COINTELPRO, and does Facebook participate? The Director did pay a high-profile visit to Facebook headquarters, didn't he? Then again, I don't walk David's whole party line.

Oh, that brings to mind that one of the reasons they want to attack Iran that David failed to mention is that Iran is not homosexual friendly, far from it. Welcome to homosexual fascism running the US Military Industrial Complex. Think I'm kidding? Think again.

No, I'm not saying one way or the other what David's position is on homosex. It's just that homosexuality is a party line, and some will commit mass murder to get their way.

David Swanson

Why Not Attack Iran? | Huntington News.

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