On Homosexual Marriage: An Open Letter to Governor Christine Gregoire, Lt. Governor Brad Owen, and State Senators and Representatives of the State of Washington

On Homosexual Marriage: An Open Letter to Governor Christine Gregoire, Lt. Governor Brad Owen, and State Senators and Representatives of the State of Washington:

Tom Usher
15904 4th Ave S #33
Burien, WA 98148-1278

Sunday, January 15, 2012


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Re: HJR 4211 - 2011-12; HB 1963 - 2011-12; and SB 5793 - 2011-12

The Honorable Christine Gregoire
The Honorable Brad Owen
Honorable Members of the Senate:

Adam Kline, Andy Hill, Bob Morton, Brian Hatfield, Cheryl Pflug, Christine Rolfes, Craig Pridemore, Curtis King, Dan Swecker, David Frockt, Debbie Regala, Derek Kilmer, Don Benton, Doug Ericksen, Ed Murray, James Hargrove, Janéa Holmquist Newbry, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Jerome Delvin, Jim Honeyford, Jim Kastama, Joe Fain, Joseph Zarelli, Karen Fraser, Karen Keiser, Kevin Ranker, Linda Evans Parlette, Lisa Brown, Maralyn Chase, Margarita Prentice, Mark Schoesler, Mary Margaret Haugen, Michael Baumgartner, Mike Carrell, Mike Hewitt, Mike Padden, Nick Harper, Pam Roach, Paull Shin, Randi Becker, Rodney Tom, Rosemary McAuliffe, Sharon Nelson, Steve Conway, Steve Hobbs, Steve Litzow, Tim Sheldon, Tracey Eide, Val Stevens

Honorable Members of the House:

Andy Billig, Ann Rivers, Barbara Bailey, Bill Hinkle, Bob Hasegawa, Brad Klippert, Brian Blake, Bruce Chandler, Bruce Dammeier, Cary Condotta, Cathy Dahlquist, Charles Ross, Chris Reykdal, Christopher Hurst, Cindy Ryu, Connie Ladenburg, Dan Kristiansen, Dave Upthegrove, David Taylor, Dean Takko, Deb Eddy, Derek Stanford, Drew Hansen, Ed Orcutt, Eileen Cody, Eric Pettigrew, Frank Chopp, Fred Finn, Gary Alexander, Gerry Pollet, Glenn Anderson, Hans Dunshee, Hans Zeiger, J.T. Wilcox, Jamie Pedersen, Jan Angel, Jason Overstreet, Jay Rodne, Jeannie Darneille, Jeff Morris, Jim McCune, Jim Moeller, Joe Fitzgibbon, Joe Schmick, Joel Kretz, John Ahern, John McCoy, Judy Clibborn, Judy Warnick, Kathy Haigh, Katrina Asay, Kevin Parker, Kevin Van De Wege, Kirk Pearson, Kristine Lytton, Larry Crouse, Larry Haler, Larry Seaquist, Larry Springer, Laurie Jinkins, Luis Moscoso, Marcie Maxwell, Mark Hargrove, Mark Miloscia, Marko Liias, Mary Helen Roberts, Mary Lou Dickerson, Matt Shea, Maureen Walsh, Mike Armstrong, Mike Hope, Mike Sells, Norm Johnson, Norma Smith, Pat Sullivan, Paul Harris, Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, Reuven Carlyle, Richard DeBolt, Roger Goodman, Ross Hunter, Ruth Kagi, Sam Hunt, Sharon Tomiko Santos, Sharon Wylie, Shelly Short, Sherry Appleton, Steve Kirby, Steve Tharinger, Susan Fagan, Tami Green, Terry Nealey, Tim Probst, Timm Ormsby, Tina Orwall, Troy Kelley, Vincent Buys, Zack Hudgins

Olympia, WA

Dear Governor Christine Gregoire, Lt. Governor Brad Owen, and State Senators and Representatives of the State of Washington:


For your convenience, the "Bill Digests" for the above-referenced bills are as follows:


Proposes an amendment to the state Constitution ensuring only a marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in Washington.

HB 1963 - DIGEST

Ends discrimination in marriage based on gender and sexual orientation in Washington.

SB 5793 - DIGEST

Ends discrimination in marriage based on gender and sexual orientation in Washington."

The issue of same-sex or same-gender (including what has become, through usage, "orientation") marriage in a secular setting, as in a religious or spiritual one, is a matter or question of sanctioning or licensing such arrangements. For the most part, it has come down to a question of civil liberties and rights.

I won't re-hash all of the science here: whether or not one is born homosexual for instance. The most recent twin study clearly shows that there is no controlling gene. I won't even focus directly, but rather indirectly, on the question of whether or not what people do in their bedrooms in private and consensually harms others. What I want to focus on and to focus you on is fundamental truth.

If homosexual marriage is sanctioned by the secular state, then the state is making a statement concerning the behavior(s) that is the homosexual or are homosexual acts.

The main homosexual act historically that has been the central focus of concern is sodomy or anal intercourse. At one point in American civilization, sodomy was universally illegal. That changed as a result of the beginnings of the same movement to greater licensing that is now promoting homosexual marriage.

It cannot be denied that a certain percentage of heterosexuals engage in sodomy. It is not a completely different issue, but it should not prevent society or you as an individual and elected official from addressing the matter of that said main homosexual act in a fundamentally truthful manner.

Before I continue, I want to inject here the concept referred to as "cognitive dissonance." Many people shy away from citing the Wikipedia as authoritative. However, concerning the Wikipedia article on cognitive dissonance, there is no reason to do so. As of the date of this letter, the opening of the introductory paragraph there states the following:

Cognitive dissonance is a discomfort caused by holding conflicting cognitions (e.g., ideas, beliefs, values, emotional reactions) simultaneously. In a state of dissonance, people may feel surprise, dread, guilt, anger, or embarrassment. The theory of cognitive dissonance in social psychology proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by altering existing cognitions or adding new ones to create consistency.

There is a fundamental truth concerning the said main homosexual act that once it is confronted, there appears great cognitive dissonance on the part of many. Cognitive dissonance should not be the basis for lawmaking other than to avoid it.

So, now I pose the fundamental question, a question of first principle, the correct answer to which necessitates, if cognitive dissonance is to be avoided, to the correct position vis-a-vis not only homosexual marriage but also homosexual acts, whether in terms of secular law or personal behaviors and beliefs.

Do penises belong in anuses?

"Belong" is the operative word there. Is it proper, appropriate, or suitable that a penis be put up the rectum of another human being?

I don't wish to introduce here a debate concerning Creation versus evolution. I will say though that regardless, design does enter the question. From the function of the sexual organ known as a penis, is it logical to conclude that it belongs in the non-sexual orifice known as the anus or rectum? Is the anus a sexual organ?

From those questions many others follow. Some will follow directly on account of cognitive dissonance. Those ought summarily to be rejected. What must be avoided are rationalizations.

Questions of oral and other sexual acts arise that are not vaginal intercourse but are also not anal intercourse. Such other acts are actually irrelevant to the fundamental truth concerning anal intercourse. Those other acts do raise issues of consistency though. Regardless, good lawmaking requires proper first principles. Bringing everything into alignment should flow from that if the lawgivers are themselves facing things squarely as opposed to deceptively, whether wittingly or not.

The fact of the matter is that penises definitely do not belong in anuses. It necessarily follows that the state should not stake out a position contrary to that fundamental truth or fact. Sanctioning homosexual marriage would run exactly contrary to the fundamental truth about said act.

This gives rise to questions concerning females (who do not have penises with which to engage in anal sex of the kind in which male homosexuals nearly universally engage). Here again, it is a matter of consistency as with oral sex or other acts. What follows from first principles? First, deal truthfully with homosexual sodomy regardless. Then make the rest of the law consistent with that position. Female homosexuality runs afoul of the same fundamental question but geared to female anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Female homosexuality cannot be taken in isolation from the fundamental reason why penises do not belong in anuses but rather vaginas.

The fundamental truth is that homosexual sodomy is an error. It is not free of mental error. Now, that upsets many homosexuals and those who are pro-homosexuality or at least believe they are fighting for homosexual "rights." However, it must be noted that where people are challenged (to use the politically correct term) with any number or type of sub-optimizations, the secular state still affords them rights and rightly so in many cases. That state can overreach and often does, but the scope of that subject would be a huge digression from the immediate and first objective of my letter here to you.

(As a quick aside just to state an example of overreach, currently in Greece, which as you know is suffering greatly from austerity measures, there is an open debate over state disability payments being made to pedophiles. Pedophiles are actually getting disability payments at a higher rate than concerning other and very serious afflictions. This has upset many people who need monetary assistance with more urgent and immediate medical needs. Disability to pedophiles is a clear attempt at compassion; but the system is out of balance, which balancing aspect is relevant to the homosexual-marriage issue here.)

The point though is that if the secular state wishes to afford the right to homosexuals and others to marry under state law, then at the very least, that state should not do so by way of even remotely suggesting to anyone that the said homosexual act is proper. It is not proper, and the state should not be about the business of creating ambiguities concerning it and certainly should not be standing on the false claim that "there is nothing wrong with it."

The further truth is that ultimately, the error that is that said act cannot be properly reconciled with marriage. The other challenges are of a different category. That is not to say that the secular state would never be taking the correct position in saying that certain individuals with certain diseases should not reproduce.

I am not a eugenicist. I am referring only to the avoidance of what would facilitate certain pandemics and the like. Those with any such diseases should be of a mind to not reproduce. There are people who have freely made decisions not to reproduce because they have unselfishly concluded that the risk of harm is too great. I greatly admire such decisions.

In conclusion, while my personal belief system is that of Christianity, which in my reading requires applying the least coercion possible, I am writing to you as an advocate of truth and not as one seeking to use the coercive force of the secular state.

What I want is that you base your decisions regarding the definition of marriage squarely upon the fundamental fact that penises do not belong in anuses. Concluding that penises do not belong in anuses but then voting for homosexual marriage sanctioning sodomy would be the result of cognitive dissonance or worse: wittingly lying. Such a vote would assuredly cause huge, needless confusion rippling throughout society and especially amongst the youth being taught in our public schools.

It is extremely important that the laws not send confusing, mixed signals and, again, especially to our youth. Sanctioning homosexual marriage would absolutely send such a confused, wrong signal.


Tom Usher

P.S. Since this is an open letter, please feel free to use it in whole or in part with proper attribution (See: http://www.realliberalchristianchurch.org/COPYRIGHT.html).

Tom Usher

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