Aim higher, Boris Kagarlitsky. Aim higher: "Economic policies after the death of neoliberalism," Institute of globalization and social movements

"Micro credits"? No way!

Boris Kagarlitsky, the director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements, talks a good game about 99% of the time; but then suddenly, one hears the reactionary finger nails on the chalkboard.

He speaks against international integration.

However, one world is inevitable. The question is what kind of one world. Only one type of one world is sustainable. It is that one toward which we go.

He turns around also and states the completely incredible: public property is not socialist property. If it's not socialist property, it's not truly public. Perhaps he means to be saying something there that isn't as it comes across.

Nevertheless, aim higher, Boris. Aim higher.

Institute of globalization and social movements - Articles: Economic policies after the death of neoliberalism.

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