George Soros is more correct than the Austrian School economists: "Merkel: Only a unified Europe can remain powerful"

George Soros said, "The problem is that the austerity that Germany wants will push Europe into a deflationary death spiral. ... The economy will contract and tax revenues will fall. So the debt burden ... will actually rise, requiring further budget cuts and setting in motion a vicious cycle."

via Merkel: Only a unified Europe can remain powerful - Yahoo! News.

Now, I wouldn't do what George Soros would do, but what he wants is a far cry better than the austerity nonsense. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is finally sounding some right notes, but she's not going to be able to pull it off without going down George Soros' path.

I say, forget the bonds but print the money. It could all be debt-free if euros were handled as United States Notes (debt-free); but if the Germans are too slow on the draw for that, the least they can do is follow what George Soros is telling them because he is much more correct than the Austrian School economists on the subject.

Lots of people love to hate George Soros because he made a killing in the financial markets. Well, that doesn't mean he doesn't know what he's talking about on this issue. You don't have to love all of his politics either. I don't. You just have to know when he's more right than the austerity hawks, who will drive Europe backwards.

There's nothing wrong with a New World Order. One Worlders are not inherently wrong. The only question is what kind of world order. One is good. God is one.

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