Barack Obama's Thursday, February 2, 2012, Prayer Breakfast speech: Sickeningly inconsistent

Someone emailed me wanting to know what I think about Barack Obama's Prayer Breakfast speech of Thursday, February 2, 2012. She supplied a link to this article: "Obama uses prayer breakfast address to call for assistance for the poor."

What stands out most to me is Barack Obama's two-faced approach to Jesus. If you are going to follow Jesus, then do it. Don't pick and choose when and where.

First of all, the whole governmental structure is based upon the threat of and use of violent coercion and other forms of punishment for not falling into line including concerning things that are reprehensible, such as sodomite "marriages" and murdering innocent children via predator drones. The list of things forced by the Satanic government of the United States and all other coercive governments, many of which things a real Christian can never support even without the coercion, is seemingly endless.

His speech writer(s) and Barack Obama  rubbed their hands together at the prospect of "getting" Mitt Romney after Mitt's stupid statements about the poor in America (stupid even when taken in the full context of Romney's statements on it).

Obama used Jesus to get Romney. However, Jesus stands before God doing essentially the same thing that Jesus said Moses did concerning the so-called followers of Moses: showing the inconsistencies. Barack Obama is no follower of Jesus Christ. That fact stands out where no truly thinking person can miss it. Obama picks and chooses which bit of Jesus's teaching he, Obama, will misuse and abuse at any given time.

When it comes to taking care of the poor, Obama supports Monsanto. Monsanto has caused tens of thousands of small-farmer suicides in India alone. Where is the Jesus in Obama on that? He's missing.

When given the chance, Obama stood at the front of the church and explained how we Americans can't apply the Sermon on the Mount because it would mean the likely end of the Pentagon. This is sickening. When Obama turns around though and conjures Jesus half-heartedly (as if we only need be concerned during this "Great Recession") concerning the very poor in America, the Pentagon is conveniently left out of the discussion.

So, I tweeted the subject:!/TomUsher/status/165288382119936001: "Barack Obama says he's his brother's keeper but lamented that the Pentagon wouldn't withstand the Sermon on the Mount."

I sent that link to the person who emailed me and asked: "And you?"

I received back: "I found it incredibly inspiring! I love connecting faith to a drive to do good in the world. :)"

My reply:

His gross inconsistencies say it all. He's the world leader of inconsistency. Most of the world is stuck because of his type. He's running again for the position.

You find his words inspiring. That's compartmentalization.

He's not part of the solution. He has no part in Jesus. How can you not know that?

Is this what you wanted to hear from me, truth?

Now I must get on with "earning" the dreaded mammon because I'm stuck for a little while by the likes of Barack Obama and all the rest of the know-nothings.

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