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Someone using the user "Sonny" answered my following comment:

I don't agree with the self-styled "Scientific Creationists," but there are some extremely ignorant comments in this thread against God. Define God according to Jesus. Then show me the so-called scientific test results that support the hypothesis that, that God does not exist. If you continue maintaining that it can be done, you continue flunking "Scientific Method 101." Don't be arrogant but repent.

with this:

Tom, stand up and take a bow. You have proven your thinking is convoluted perfectly. I do not believe in bigfoot therefore I should repent because some ignorant dolt says I should.

Sonny, repenting means repenting about your errors in thinking, including that the "scientific method" has anything to do with proving or disproving God. You completely missed the point, which doesn't surprise me at all. Who's the dolt here? It's you.

By the way, you can't prove there is no bigfoot either. Regardless, I don't know of anyone maintaining that any Big Foot is God and above testing.

It is apparent that you do not understand what being above the testable means. Also, in case you haven't ever read the words of Jesus Christ, he used the term "faith" a number of times. That's what it is: faith. If you keep it up, you'll find out when it's too late until you paid Satan the last penny you owe him for everything he's done for you.

I know this is over your head, but I like casting pearls. There are people who actually benefit from it.

Creationist Lawmakers Keep Using 'Theory' Wrong - Yahoo! News.

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