The January Jobs Are Statistical Artifacts [he means "garbage"] -

The January Jobs Are Statistical Artifacts [he means "garbage"] -

Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts, Institute for Political Economy, is being charitable concerning Barack Obama's unemployment figures.

It was painfully clear to me that the numbers have been used without proper filtering (without properly factoring in countervailing economic aspects), but Paul Craig Roberts shows you exactly where and how it's blatantly obvious. It's one of his most endearing qualities: cutting through the bull with hard facts.

Just look at all the places where Paul points out that the garbage statistics suggest that it takes more employees to produce and service less.

Do you believe employment is really up? I'm positive more people have simply given up.

Slab City, CA, will keep growing until the Police State goes out there and treats them as the Zionists treat the Palestinians: just bulldoze everything the people won't move to "nowhere."

Where can they go without being harassed and having the ground pulled out from under them? It's the "Grapes of Wrath." You know, that "Commie movie," per George W. Bush.

The January Jobs Are Statistical Artifacts -

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