War is evil: Multiple combat tours linked to mental strain, disease

A Pew Center survey in 2011 found that nearly 4 in 10 post-9/11 veterans believe they suffer from post traumatic stress, even if they were not diagnosed. Just 16 percent of veterans of earlier wars said the same. The medical center at the Lewis-McChord Army base, where the soldier accused in the killings was stationed, is under investigation for allegedly downgrading hundreds of PTSD diagnoses to other mental conditions like anxiety disorder, in what some say was an effort to avoid costly PTSD benefits. A PTSD diagnosis means a soldier can no longer be deployed and can receive disability payments. Meanwhile, 200,000 troops have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries, which are correlated with violent behavior and are believed to increase the likelihood of developing PTSD. An NPR investigation in 2010 found that the military was under-diagnosing and treating traumatic brain injuries.

Read the whole article while it's still available: Multiple combat tours linked to mental strain, disease | The Lookout - Yahoo! News.

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