"AFP: Obama is hero of own movie": My quick note on reality to Tom Hanks

"When he faced his country, who looked to him for answers, he would not dwell in blame or dreamy idealism," Hanks says. (via AFP: Obama is hero of own movie.)

Well, Mr. Tom Hanks, what you really said there is that the Party of FDR should not look to Franklin D. Roosevelt as the best President this nation has ever had.

FDR had the spine to call the banksters "banksters." He laid the blame where it belonged. Your Mr. Obama said that we should rather only look forward, which really meant that he signaled the banksters (mostly sociopaths) not to worry and they could count upon him to allow them to do it again later.

FDR was also dreamy enough and idealistic enough to create the WPA and CCC and put more people back to work faster than anything your Mr. Obama has dared to even contemplate for fear of those banksters who run the show at the Obama White House.

Really Tom Hanks, from one Tom to another, you should wake up and likely study a bit more history and keep it in mind when evaluating potential Presidents and which campaign ads to narrate.


Tom Usher

Tom Usher

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