FDA's Permission Needed When Buying Raw Unprocessed Food

... there were only two hospitalizations related to raw milk, and no deaths, whereas three people died from drinking pasteurized milk! [Of course, many more people drink pasteurized milk; but a testing regime is not difficult and would be vastly better than banning since raw milk is vastly superior to cooked.]

FDA's Permission Needed When Buying Raw Unprocessed Food

They also pointed out, and rightly so, that the FDA is taking an unfairly harsh approach with raw milk. For instance, unpasteurized juices are sold with just a warning label letting consumers know the juice has not been pasteurized, while raw milk has been outright banned in many states. Is it a coincidence that some of the states where raw milk sales are illegal are also among the largest dairy producers in the United States namely Wisconsin and Iowa? Hardly. The conventional dairy industry has a very powerful lobbying force. What would happen to the majority of the dairy industry if raw milk really caught on? They'd be forced to clean up their acts, raise healthier cows, and give them access to pasture, as only healthy cows are the ones that you would buy raw milk from. And this would cost them money ... lots of money, if it were even possible at all.

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As for the FDA's position that we don't have a fundamental right to eat whatever we want, there are instances where, if the reason for the existence of government is at all consistent, one would not be allowed to ingest that which would render that one highly contagious with a highly deadly disease. Anarchy is not the solution. Good government within and without is. That said, the government cannot be allowed to extend that to allowing it to ban things just for the sake of the commercial greed of those with the funds to lobby more and to control the revolving door to the regulatory agencies. The issue here is the greed of various dairy corporations, but what's new?

All of the issues confronting humanity boil down to selfishness that is the essence of evil. Understand what is ultimately selfish and overcome it and watch the problem of humanity literally disappear. Maintain that, and live in paradise for eternity over Hell.

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